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This part of the website takes a look at J.K. Rowling's masterpiece Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

.: Book Four - Goblet of Fire :: Chapter Summary - Part One :.

Chapter One - The Riddle House

The Riddle House stands on a hilltop in Little Hangleton. Much mystery has arisen around it. Fifty years ago, its inhabitants, the Riddle family, were killed in a most mysterious manner, leaving no signs of bodily harm, seeming almost as if they had been frightened to death. The villagers instantly suspected Frank Bryce, the Riddles' stiff and misanthropic gardener, and even after he was questioned and found innocent, the villagers still mistrusted him, and the village boys often bothered him.

One night, fifty years later, the elderly Frank is refilling his hot water bottle to ease the soreness of his joints, when he sees a bright light inside the Riddle House, and he immediately knows that the boys have set a fire. He limps over to the house, lets himself in with his spare key, walks up the dusty staircase, and stands in the hallway next to a room, where he overhears a conversation between two voices, one high pitched controlling one, another nervous submissive one. Frank overhears the controlling one, who reveals his name to be Lord Voldemort, telling the other one, whom he calls Wormtail, that he must wait for the Quidditch World Cup to end before capturing a boy named Harry Potter.

Wormtail suggests using a different boy, but Lord Voldemort refuses. Wormtail pleads his loyalty by reminding his master that he brought him Bertha Jorkins, whose information proved quite useful before they had to kill her to prevent her from talking. Frank is horrified at this news, and is frightened when a thick, twelve-foot long snake slithers past him and into the room and begins hissing back and forth with Lord Voldemort. At this, Lord Voldemort calls Frank into the room and kills him in a single flash of green light; at that moment miles away, the boy named Harry Potter awoke in the night.

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Chapter Two - The Scar

Harry Potter, a fourteen-year-old wizard, wakes to feel the scar on this forehead throbbing in pain. He looks around his dark room in alarm, remembering that the last time his scar hurt him was when Lord Voldemort was nearby. The book proceeds to explain that Lord Voldemort was the leader of the dark side of wizardry, the murderer of Harry's parents, and reason why Harry even has the scar. After murdering Harry's parents, Lord Voldemort turned on Harry with the same curse, which miraculously rebounded and stripped Voldemort of his power, leaving Harry with a scar and no parents.

Harry paces the room, debating what to do. He cannot tell the Dursleys, his relatives with whom he lives, because they detest his presence as well as magic. He cannot tell his best friend Hermione, because she would find it alarming and want him to inform Dumbledore. He cannot tell his other best friend, Ron, because Ron would think it was a false alarm. Finally, Harry decides to write to Sirius Black, his godfather whose escape Harry assisted in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Black has been wrongly imprisoned for killing thirteen people in addition to turning Harry's parents over to Voldemort. Harry and his friends discovered that this work had actually been done by Peter Pettigrew who is also known as Wormtail. Black was innocent. Harry writes him a short letter and walks down to breakfast.

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Chapter Three - The Invitation

When Harry arrives downstairs for breakfast, nobody blinks an eye. Uncle Vernon is buried behind the morning paper, and his son Dudley is sulking furiously about the grapefruit that Aunt Petunia is slicing into quarters. Dudley's school has written to the Dursleys, saying that they have no knickerbockers to accommodate his gigantic behind. Dursely has gone on a diet. Aunt Petunia has placed the whole family under Dudley's diet, which Harry has survived by asking his friends to send him food by owl.

Breakfast is interrupted by the arrival of the postman with a letter, and Uncle Vernon calls Harry into a side room. He is furious that the letter is from Ron's mother, Molly Weasley, who is inviting Harry to attend the Quidditch World Cup and stay with her family for the rest of the summer. What most infuriates Uncle Vernon is that the letter is in an envelope covered in dozens of stamps. Uncle Vernon makes it clear that he doesn't want Harry around for the rest of the summer, but that he doesn't want Harry to get his way by getting to leave. Finally Harry mentions casually that he must finish a letter to Sirius Black, and Uncle Vernon looks terrified and grumpily tells Harry to go, not wanting a convicted murderer to show up thinking that Harry is being mistreated.

Harry bounces upstairs delightedly to find that his snowy owl, Hedwig, has returned from a night flight, and that another, smaller owl is zooming around the room. The smaller owl, Pig, is Ron Weasley's new owl, and it delivered a note from Ron saying for Harry to be ready to leave for the Quidditch Cup the following night at five. Harry writes back to Ron and sends his letter out to Sirius, feeling most optimistic about the end of the summer.

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Chapter Four - Back to the Burrow

Harry packs his trunks and is ready to leave by noon the next day; the Dursleys are all silent and terrified. Uncle Vernon makes several snide comments about how he hopes that the Weasleys will think to dress properly. Five o'clock comes and the Weasleys have not yet arrived. Finally, at a quarter past five, loud banging sounds come from inside the Dursleys' boarded-up fireplace, and Harry knows instantly that the Weasleys have tried to travel by Floo Powder through the fireplace network. Arthur Weasley's voice warns Harry to stand back, before the fireplace explodes, revealing the red-haired figures of Ron, the twins Fred and George, and their father, Arthur. They greet the Dursleys politely, but the Dursleys simply stare, while Dudley disappears, clutching his bottom, which spouted a pig's tail during his last encounter with a grown wizard.

Fred and George head upstairs to retrieve Harry's trunk from his room, while Mr. Weasley bravely attempts conversation with the Dursleys, who are unresponsive. When the twins return with Harry's trunk, one of them drops a pocketful of sweets on his way back to the fireplace. Harry and Mr. Weasley are the only two wizards remaining in the living room. They find that Dudley has devoured one of the sweets, thus enlarging his tongue. Aunt Petunia shrieks and tries to pull his tongue out of his mouth, while Uncle Vernon throws ornaments at Mr. Weasley. Mr. Weasley tries to restore the tongue.

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Chapter Five - Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

Harry arrives at The Burrow, The Weasleys' home, in a dizzy state from traveling by Floo powder. He instantly notices two older Weasleys sitting at the kitchen table. He is introduced to the eldest members of the family: Charlie, who works with dragons in Rumania, and Bill, who works at Gringotts bank in Egypt. Suddenly Mr. Weasley arrives in the fireplace, furious with the twins for giving Ton-Tongue Toffee to Dudley. As he reprimands them, his wife, Molly Weasley, enters the kitchen. Harry, Ron, Ron's sister Ginny, and Hermione, who also is visiting, all troop upstairs away from Molly Weasley's rage. On their way up, they encounter the smug and hardworking Percy, another Weasley brother who has just graduated from Hogwarts and now is working for the Ministry of Magic. Ron admires the eldest two brothers and the twins, but is scornful of Percy.

They all remain in Ron's room for a bit, discussing Percy's job and Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, a line of magical jokes that Fred and George have been perfecting. Their mother disapproves. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny go downstairs to find Mrs. Weasley cooking dinner and complaining about the twins. They dart outside to find that Bill and Charlie have levitated a pair of tables and are using magic to make them crash into each other. Percy yells from his window for them to pipe down. Eventually they all sit down for a twilight meal. A cozy evening ensues, filled with simple family arguments. Percy complains about how Ludo Bagman, a friend of Mr. Weasley and the head of Magical Games and Sports within the Ministry of Magic, has managed to lose one of his workers, a woman named Bertha Jorkins. Mrs. Weasley tells Bill to cut his hair and get rid of his earring. The twins and Charlie discuss the potential outcome of the next day's Quidditch World Cup. Harry feels at peace to be with the Weasleys, and is excited to be going to the World Cup.

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Chapter Six - The Portkey

Early the following morning, Harry is awakened by Mr. Weasley, who is dressed in Muggle clothes instead of his usual wizard robes. He is trying not to be noticed and thought odd as he leaves the safety of the wizard world and ventures to the World Cup. He, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Harry, Fred, and George must leave early in the morning to get to the Cup. The eldest three Weasleys are able to Apparate, disappearing from one place and reappearing almost instantly elsewhere. Everybody is grumpy and tired. The early morning tension escalates when Mrs. Weasley calls out "Accio!", casting a spell that extracts dozens of Ton-Tongue- Toffees from the twins' pockets. Everybody except for Mrs. Weasley leaves the house and walks through the cold morning air to Stoatshead Hill. Mr. Weasley explains that because it would be impossible to fit thousands of wizards at once onto Hogwarts Express, or Diagon Alley, alternate means for transportation are used for events such as the World Cup. In this case, they were to use a Portkey.

At the top of the hill, they encounter Cedric Diggory, a handsome Hogwarts student and the Seeker for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, and his father, Amos Diggory. Amos Diggory spies Harry, and embarrasses everybody by talking about how Cedric beat the famous Harry Potter in last year's Quidditch game between Hogwarts Houses. The Diggorys have found the Portkey, a dilapidated boot, and at five a.m. they all touch it. It jerks them from the bellybutton and spins them all blindly through the air. When they arrive shakily at the campground, only Mr. Diggory, Mr. Weasley, and Cedric are able to land on their feet.

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Chapter Seven - Bagman and Crouch

At the site of the Quidditch World Cup, Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys are directed to their campgrounds, where Mr. Weasley struggles to pay Muggle currency to the site manager, old Muggle named Mr. Roberts. The task of creating a place where a hundred thousand wizards can congregate undiscovered is no easy feat, as the frantic Ministry wizards remind Mr. Weasley many times throughout this chapter. In fact, they are constantly having to erase Mr. Roberts' memory, so that he will not recall all of the strangeness he is observing. All of the wizards have pitched tents in attempts to act like Muggles. Many of the tents have chimneys, or purple fires out front.

After setting up two surprisingly spacious tents, Ron, Harry, and Hermione stroll across the campgrounds to collect a bucket of water from the tap. On their way, they pass several wizard children on tiny broomsticks, a Salem Witches' Institute banner, and a village of tents covered in shamrocks—the supporters of the Irish national team. They pass then through the Bulgaria tents, which are covered in posters of Viktor Krum, the team's young, magnificent, scowling Seeker. Harry realizes during this time how expansive the wizard world really is.

Upon returning to the tent, they find Mr. Weasley delightedly trying to start a fire with matches. Soon Percy, Bill, and Charlie Apparate in. The group is visited by Ludo Bagman, the Head of Magical Games and Sports, and a retired Quidditch Beater. Ludo is rosy with enthusiasm for the coming game, and he wagers with Fred and George on the outcome. The twins bet all their money that Ireland will win, but that Krum will catch the Snitch. Just as Ludo is complaining about the non-English speaking Bulgarian Minister of Magic, Barty Crouch, Percy's stiff and humorless boss, who is a master of over two hundred languages, Apparates. Percy bows low and offers him tea, and the startled Crouch accepts the tea, but Percy for Weatherby, much to the twins' delight. They allude to a mysterious upcoming event at Hogwarts, and then they leave. Harry buys himself, Ron, and Hermione each a pair of expensive omnioculars from a wizard vender, and they troop to the field to watch the match.

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Chapter Eight - The Quidditch World Cup

The Weasleys go to their seats in the top box. As they sit down, Harry notices a small bat-eared creature sitting alone. Harry recognizes her instantly as a house-elf, and he finds out that her name is Winky. She is saving a seat for her master, and that she knows Dobby, whom Harry set free two years before. Winky explains that house-elves are supposed to do as they are told without payment, and that Dobby has been requesting payment. Soon Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic, joins them in the top box, as do the Malfoys, the wealthy, arrogant family of Harry's nemesis at Hogwarts.

Ludo Bagman is commentating on the game, and as he begins to speak, the teams send out their mascots. First, Bulgarian Veela, beautiful platinum-haired dancing Sirens enchant the audience males. Then, Irish Leprechauns form shapes in the sky and drop gold pieces onto the bleachers, which Ron collects and uses to repay Harry for the omnioculars. The players enter the field and the game begins. Harry has never seen such a fast game of Quidditch. The players dash madly through the sky, and Ireland is quickly in the lead. Harry uses a pair of Omnioculars that he just bought to watch the moves in slow motion, and to note the names of the various plays etched across the screen. The mascots are growing more involved, to the point that the Veela, angry at the Bulgarian's lagging behind, burst out of their beautiful skins and reveal their true, demonic bird- heads. Krum wows the audience by performing a "Wronksi Feint," a spectacular dive for the Snitch that fools the other team's Seeker into following him and crashing into the ground. Once his team is one hundred and sixty points behind Ireland, he catches the Snitch, ending the game, but in Ireland's favor. The crowds go wild, and Fred and George go to collect their winnings from Ludo Bagman.

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Chapter Nine - The Dark Mark

After several hours of discussing the game, the two Weasley tents quiet down and sleep. Mr. Weasley awakens Harry and tells him to get outside the tent. He does so, and he see a crowd of masked, hooded wizards marching through camp. He sees Mr. Roberts, his wife, and his kids levitating above them. It is an awful sight, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione run to the woods; there, they find Draco Malfoy leaning against a tree and looking pleased. He explains to them that the crowd is rampaging against Muggles and Mudbloods (an offensive term for wizards who, like Hermione, are born of Muggle parents). The three friends ignore him and suddenly Harry realizes that he cannot find his wand. In this midst of this chaos, they spy Winky the house-elf limping along, squeaking fearfully to herself. Ludo Bagman then appears near them, looks alarmed, and disappears. Moments later, they hear a spell mumbled and see a green smoky skull with a snake in its mouth, arising high in the sky. The woods around them erupt in screams. Suddenly many wands are aimed at Harry, Ron, and Hermione, who duck in time to escape being stupefied.

Mr. Weasley comes to rescue them, but not before Mr. Crouch storms over and asks which of them conjured the Dark Mark. The three explain that they heard a voice summoning it, but Mr. Crouch suspects them. At this point, Mr. Diggory goes into the trees and emerges holding an unconscious Winky in his arms, as well as a wand he found in her hand. Mr. Crouch is horrified and defensive, and Mr. Diggory brings Winky back to consciousness to ask what happened. She says that she did not do it, and Harry notices that the wand she was holding is his. This causes a new wave of suspicion, especially when Mr. Diggory reveals that this wand did in fact summon the Dark Mark. It seems highly unlikely that either Harry Potter or Mr. Crouch's house-elf could or would have conjured the spell, so the frightened group disbands. Hermione is deeply upset to watch Mr. Crouch threatening to fire Winky, and she begins to speak of slavery and elf-rights. As the group returns to their tents, Mr. Weasley reassures the masses that everything is okay, and then he explains to his kids and Harry that Voldemort's followers, the Death Eaters, always made the Dark Mark after killing someone, and as they were the ones levitating the Muggles, they would have been frightened by the Dark Mark into thinking that Voldemort had returned to find that that they had betrayed him, as they had managed to escape being put into Azkaban Prison. Harry is shaken by this knowledge, and he wonders whether it pertains to the pain in his scar three nights before.

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Chapter Ten - Mayhem at the Ministry

The Weasley party goes home early the next morning; Mrs. Weasley is tearful and relieved to see them all alive, after reading about the Dark Mark in the wizarding news. Mr. Weasley heads to the Ministry to clear up rumors written by the reporter Rita Skeeter in the article, and Harry confides to Ron and Hermione about his scar hurting; they react just as he predicted they would. For the following week, Percy and Mr. Weasley spend all of their time at the Ministry of Magic, while Harry, Hermione, and the Weasley kids prepare their school things to return to Hogwarts. They learn from Bill about Rita Skeeter's reputation for ruining wizard reputations in her news articles. The night before they leave for school, Mrs. Weasley brings to the kids an armful of laundered dress robes, and Ron throws a fit at the fact that his are second-hand and lacy, and Mrs. Weasley leaves the room defeated. Harry feels deeply sorry for Ron about financial matters, because Harry's parents left him a small fortune, and the Weasleys are always struggling to make ends meet.

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Chapter Eleven - Aboard the Hogwarts Express

It is raining hard the following morning, and the Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione wake up to find Amos Diggory's head in the fireplace. Amos reports that Mad-Eye Moody set his dustbins to attack what he thought was an intruder, and has been caught by Muggle policemen. Mad-Eye Moody once was a great Auror (dark wizard catcher), but now he has grown old and suspicious. Mr. Weasley speeds off to the Ministry to sort this out, while everyone else loads into the three Muggle taxicabs that will take them to King's Cross Station. The Hogwarts students enter platform nine and three-quarters and board the Hogwarts Express. Charlie hints that he may be seeing them sooner than they think.

On the train, Harry, Ron and Hermione overhear Draco Malfoy boasting to his friends that his father wanted to send him to Durmstrang, a wizard school in Northern Europe that teaches the Dark Arts. The three then lapse into a discussion about various other European wizard schools. The three friends reunite with other students, such as Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan, and Neville Longbottom, who lives with his grandmother and was the only one who did not attend the World Cup. Ron has draped his new dress robe over Pig's owl cage, and Malfoy saunters by, spies it, picks on Ron for a bit, and mentions something mysterious that is soon to happen at Hogwarts. Finally, they arrive at Hogwarts and are taken to the castle in a row of horseless carriages, while the first-year students cross the lake in boats with Hagrid.

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Chapter Twelve - The Triwizard Tournament

Once the students enter the castle, they are bombarded with water-balloons by Peeves, the annoying Hogwarts poltergeist. Drenched, they all file into the Great Hall for dinner, where they sit at tables with their respective Houses. Harry is greeted by Nearly-Headless Nick, the friendly Gryffindor House ghost, while he waits for the Sorting to begin and wonders who the new defense against the dark arts teacher will be. As soon as the first-years enter the hall, Professor McGonagall places a dilapidated hat on a stool, and promptly the hat sings a song and, when placed on the head of each first-year, calls out the name of the appropriate house where he or she would live. Dennis Creevey, the younger brother of Colin Creevey, a third-year who idolizes Harry, is Sorted into Gryffindor, and he gawks at the scar on Harry's forehead.

Dinner appears on the tables, and as the students eat, Nearly Headless Nick mentions that Peeves has caused problems with the house-elves in the kitchen. Hermione stares at him, proclaims that Hogwarts is engaging in slave-labor, and refuses to finish her dinner. Soon the headmaster, Dumbledore, rises to address the school. He tells them that the annual Quidditch Cup will not take place this year; before he can tell them what will take its place, he is interrupted by the entrance of a gnarled, grumpy looking man with one large swiveling eye: Mad-Eye Moody, who is the school's new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. The students stare silently as Dumbledore introduces him, and they listen in anticipation as Dumbledore proceeds to explain that the Triwizard Tournament, a competition between representatives from each of the three largest European schools of wizardry (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang), will take place this year at Hogwarts. It had been discontinued hundreds of years ago because of high death tolls, but the Ministry of Magic has now taken enough precautions for it to continue. He adds that the winner will receive a thousand galleons, and that nobody younger than seventeen years old can enter. The Weasley twins scoff, and that night as Harry falls asleep in his dorm room, he imagines himself entering and winning the Triwizard Tournament. He imagines Cho Chang, a Ravenclaw girl on whom he has a crush, cheering for him.

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Chapter Thirteen - Mad-Eye Moody

The students begin classes. First is Herbology, during which Professor Sprout teaches the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs how to collect Bubotuber pus. In Care of Magical Creatures with Hagrid, the Gryffindors and Slytherins are introduced to newly hatched Blast-Ended Skrewts, strange lobster-like creatures that bite, sting, and propel themselves by blasting from one end. Hagrid explains the differences between the male and female Skrewts. Nobody can tell where their mouths are or how to feed them, or what purpose there is in keeping them alive. Draco Malfoy complains sullenly, as usual, and Harry does his best to seem interested, so that Hagrid will feel good about his class. After lunch, which Hermione is eating once again, she dashes away to the library. Harry and Ron trek to Divination class, where the airy, cryptic Professor Trelawney predicts that whatever Harry fears will happen soon. She shows the class how to read the planets by using Harry as an example, whom she says must have been born in midwinter, because of his coloring and tragic past. He informs her that his birthday is in July. She grows annoyed that nobody takes her class seriously and assigns them a month's worth of personal predictions on the planetary alignments.

As the students enter the Great Hall for dinner, Malfoy reads aloud from an article written by Rita Skeeter, ridiculing Mr. Weasley for helping Mad-Eye Moody out of his tangle with the policemen several days before. Malfoy proceeds to insult Ron's parents, and Harry defends Ron by noting that Malfoy's mother had a perpetually unpleasant expression on her face. Harry turns around to leave, and Malfoy attacks him, the sparks of his wand just missing Harry. At this moment, Mad-Eye Moody enters the scene, swiftly turning Malfoy into a ferret and causing him to bounce in the hallway, as punishment for attacking when his opponent's back was turned. Professor McGonagall transforms Malfoy into his original form and warns Moody not to transfigure students. At dinner, the Weasley twins speak in awe of Moody's teaching abilities in defense against the dark arts.

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Chapter Fourteen - The Unforgivable Curses

Over the next few days, Harry notices that Professor Snape seems especially timid and innocuous around Professor Moody. Snape is a nightmare of a teacher to everybody. He forces Neville Longbottom to spend an afternoon disemboweling horned frogs. The Gryffindors excitedly await Moody's class, and finally Thursday comes and they go to his classroom. He hobbles in, grizzled and gruff, and he tells the students to put away their books; he says that the class has studied dark creatures but that they were behind in curses, and that he has one year to cover the subject. He adds that instead of teaching just the counter-curses, he and Dumbledore agreed that it would be best to teach the curses themselves, in order to show the students what they are up against. He uses three spiders to demonstrate the three unforgivable curses, each of which would land the curser a lifetime in Azkaban. He first demonstrates the Imperius Curse, which allows the curser to control the cursed. This is the curse that Voldemort used to put wizards under his control). He then shows the Cruciatus Curse, which causes terrible writing pain to the cursed, and which upsets Neville tremendously when he sees it done to the spider. Finally, he shows Avada Kedavra, the killing curse, which only Harry Potter has ever survived. Harry is upset to see the final curse, which killed his parents; it kills instantly, yet it leaves the victim entirely unmarked. Moody warns them all to keep "constant vigilance!" and he dismisses them from class. After class, Neville is still shaky from watching the second curse. Moody pulls him aside and gives him a book on Mediterranean water plants, saying kindly that Professor Sprout has mentioned that Neville was good at Herbology.

That night, Harry and Ron sit in the common room doing their Divination homework, making up horrible scenarios that can happen to them on account of the planetary alignment. The Weasley twins are sitting quietly in a corner poring over a mysterious piece of parchment. Hermione enters the common room with a box of badges, each bearing the letters S.P.E.W. The acronym stands for the Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare, an organization she has just begun. Before Harry and Ron can protest wearing the pins, Hedwig enters the common room with a letter for Harry from Sirius, which says that he has heard of many odd signs and wants Harry to go to Dumbledore if the scar hurts again. He says that he is returning and will be in touch. Harry finishes reading and feels like a hypochondriac. He thinks that he has placed Sirius in danger by telling him about the scar. He unhappily goes to his dormitory, not noticing that Neville is also awake and restless.

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Chapter Fifteen - Beauxbatons and Durmstrang

The morning after hearing from Sirius, Harry wakes early and tiptoes to the Owlry, where he sends a letter to Sirius, disclaiming his scar pain and telling him to stay where he is. Days pass with no response, and in defense against the dark arts, Professor Moody places the Imperius Curse on the students in order to teach them to ward it off. The students do strange things under Moody's control, and when it is his turn, Harry feels the loveliest, most unconcerned feeling. He hears Moody order him to jump on the table. Harry prepares to jump, but then considers why he should do what Moody is telling him, and so he crashes into the table while deciding whether to jump or not. Moody is delighted.

Classes get busier. Near the end of October, a poster informs the students that the delegations from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be arriving on October 30 in the evening. A Hufflepuff boy reads the sign and says that he should alert Cedric Diggory. Hermione and Ron argue about whether Cedric is intelligent or not. Hermione believes he is, and Ron accuses Hermione of liking Cedric only because he is handsome. Hermione continues with S.P.E.W., which most people think is a great joke, and Harry receives word from Sirius that he is indeed coming and will stay well hidden.

On the 30th, the Hogwarts students line up to welcome the guests. Beauxbatons arrives in a great flying carriage, and from the carriage emerges the Headmistress, Madame Maxime, an oversized and attractive woman who greets Dumbledore and then leads her underdressed, shivering students into the castle to warm up. Soon from the lake emerges a great ghostly ship, from which the Durmstrang students, led by the shifty, shrewd-looking Karkaroff, file onto dry land. One of these students, Ron gasps in amazement, is the Bulgarian Seeker, Viktor Krum.

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Chapter Sixteen - The Goblet of Fire

As the guest schools file into the Great Hall, the Hogwarts girls are in a great fluster to get Viktor Krum's autograph, just as the boys are fighting to have him sit near them. He winds up sitting at the Slytherin table, but throughout dinner Ron considers offering him a space to sleep in his and Harry's room. The Beauxbatons students scowl and complain, even after an eclectic mix of dishes (to accommodate the nationality of each school) appears on the table. Ron becomes fixated on one of the Beauxbatons girls, whom he thinks looks like a Veela. Hermione is annoyed, but Harry is barely paying attention, as he is busy admiring Cho Chang, a pretty Ravenclaw girl. At the head table, Ludo Bagman and Barty Crouch have arrived to help judge.

Dumbledore introduces the Goblet of Fire to the students and explains that those who wish to enter the Tournament should place their name on a slip of paper inside the goblet; he adds that he has drawn an age line around its perimeter, meaning that no one under the age of seventeen can approach. Dinner ends. As Karkaroff is fawning over Krum and leading the Durmstrang students back to their ship, he notices Harry and stares. Moody approaches and angrily tells Karkaroff not to hold up the line.

The next day, Fred and George use a potion to age themselves, but still the Age Line throws them away, causing them to sprout beards. Everybody is curious to see who enters, and who is selected to compete. That afternoon, Harry, Ron, and Hermione slip over to visit Hagrid, and they are shocked to find that he has dressed in a hairy brown suit, slicked back his hair, and put on some sort of awful-smelling cologne. They all discuss the Tournament and the Skrewts, which have grown and begun to kill each other; Hermione fails in her attempt to persuade Hagrid to join S.P.E.W., and as they all begin to move back toward the castle, Hagrid is distracted by Madame Maxime.

Everybody eats. After dinner, the Goblet of Fire begins to spark, and it spits out slips of paper: Fleur Delacour (the Veela girl) is the champion for Beauxbatons; Viktor Krum for Durmstrang; Cedric Diggory for Hogwarts. When all seems finished, the Goblet spits out another name: Harry Potter.

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Chapter Seventeen - The Four Champions

Upon hearing Dumbledore announce his name, Harry is stunned; he moves slowly to the room with the other champions, feeling shocked and confused. In the back room, Cedric, Krum, and Fleur are waiting quietly, and before Harry can say anything, a hoard of teachers and judges follows him and begins speaking all at once. Ludo Bagman seems delighted about Harry's being one of the champions. Madame Maxime and Karkaroff angrily suspect that the contest has been rigged; Dumbledore is stern, but believes Harry when he says that he didn't put his name in the Goblet. Snape is certain that Harry managed somehow to cheat. Moody enters in the middle of all the chaos, and begins speculating morbidly. He reminds everyone what being chosen by the Goblet represents an unbreakable contract; he says that someone put Harry's name in the Goblet knowing that he would have to compete, perhaps in the hope that Harry would die doing so. Moody continues by saying that only a very strong charm could confuse the Goblet into accepting a submission from a fourth school, which someone must have done when entering Harry's name. Karkaroff takes this moment to accuse Moody of having done it, since he seems to know exactly how to do it; Moody responds belligerently by saying that he needed to think as Dark wizards do, as Karkaroff ought to remember. Dumbledore interrupts and ends the argument.

Mr. Crouch explains briefly that the contest will consist of three surprise tasks beginning in late November, and that the first task is designed to test the students' daring. Harry and Cedric return to their respective houses, and Cedric, though he acts diplomatically, clearly doesn't believe Harry when he claims not to have submitted his name to the Goblet. In the Gryffindor common room, everybody is celebrating Harry as the Hogwarts champion; Harry does not feel like celebrating, and when he finally returns to his dorm room, he finds Ron, who is sullen that Harry found a secret way to enter and didn't invite Ron to join him. Harry is thunderstruck that Ron, of all people, doesn't believe him.

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Chapter Eighteen - The Weighing of the Wands

The next morning, Harry is met by Hermione, who brings him toast and takes him for a walk. She believes that he didn't put his name in the goblet, and she explains that Ron would believe it too, but that he is jealous of all the attention Harry always gets. Harry is indignant, as he usually resents the attention and cannot imagine why Ron would envy it. He then writes a letter, updating Sirius on the previous night's events. Classes resume. Although Hagrid believes Harry, most people do not; students from all houses except Gryffindor scowl at Harry in the corridors, believing that he entered in hope of attracting even more attention. Harry is stressed, lonely without Ron, and doing very poorly in his classes.

In Potions class, all the Slytherins wear light-up badges that say, "Support Cedric Diggory-the REAL Hogwarts Champion!" When pressed, the badges chirp, "Potter Stinks!" Malfoy, after tiring of insulting Harry, decides to turn on Hermione, and Harry explodes, casting a mild disfiguring curse on Malfoy, just as Malfoy does the same to Harry; the curses miss and hit Goyle and Hermione instead, and instantly Hermione's already-large teeth begin to grow down past her chin. Snape sends Goyle to the hospital wing but dismisses Hermione's wound, saying that she looks the same. She flees in tears, and Ron and Harry both turn angrily on Snape, receiving detentions in the process. Potions class is interrupted by Colin Creevey, who takes Harry out of class and to the weighing of the champions' wands.

Before the weighing begins, Rita Skeeter, a brash middle-aged reporter, pulls Harry into a broom closet and begins firing questions at him. He doesn't answer them, and still her Quick-Quotes Quill manages to sketch out a tragic portrait of him before Dumbledore enters the closet and rescues Harry. The weighing is done by Mr. Ollivander, who sold Harry his wand. Fleur's wand contains a hair of her grandmother, a Veela; Cedric's contains a unicorn tail- hair. Krum's contains a dragon heartstring, and Harry's contains, although Mr. Ollivander tactfully refrains from mentioning it aloud, a feather from the phoenix whose other feather resides in Voldemort's wand. Photographs follow, and Rita Skeeter manages to push Harry up towards the front. Finally, that evening, Harry receives a request to be in the Gryffindor Common room alone at one in the morning on November 22, just two days before the first task.

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Chapter Nineteen - The The Hungarian Horntail

Life is moving along slowly for Harry these days: his first task is nearing, Ron refuses to speak to him, and to top it off, Rita Skeeter published an article about the Triwizard Champions in which she left out Cedric entirely and spent four pages expounding on Harry's tragic past, attributing quotes to him about crying at night about his parents' death, and noting that he is in love with Hermione. Harry is horrified, and is taunted endlessly. He spends most of his time in the library with Hermione, who is profoundly bothered that Viktor Krum has taken to studying there, drawing along with him a gaggle of admirers. During a Hogsmeade visit, Harry wears his Invisibility Cloak in hope of attaining some anonymity, but Mad-Eye Moody spies him through it and points him out to Hagrid, who tells him to come to his cabin that night at midnight. Harry does as he is told. Invisibly, he follows Hagrid, who escorts Madame Maxime deep into the Forbidden Forest, where several dozen men, including Charlie Weasley, are trying to subdue four dragons. Harry overhears Charlie tell Hagrid that each dragon is a nesting mother, and that the four champions are to get past the dragons as their first task-he notes that one of them, a Hungarian Horntail, is significantly more dangerous than the rest.

Harry dashes off to meet Sirius in the common room at one, and he trips over Karkaroff, who is walking speedily through the woods, presumably in attempt to investigate the first task for himself. Right on time, Sirius's head is sitting in the Gryffindor fireplace. Harry tells him everything, and in return Sirius warns Harry that Karkaroff had been a Death-Eater who ultimately was caught by Moody. Sirius says that Moody was the best Auror in history, and is now at Hogwarts for a reason. Furthermore, he suggests that the fiasco with the dustbins may actually have been legitimate; someone may have tried to stop Moody from coming to Hogwarts. Lastly, Sirius notes that Bertha Jorkins was last seen in Albania, oddly enough, where Voldemort was last sighted; he may have used her for information and disposed of her. Before Sirius can advise Harry on how to get past a dragon, Ron walks into the common room, and Sirius disappears in the flames. Harry is furious at this interruption and throws a "Potter Stinks" badge at Ron's face before charging up to bed.

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