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.: Book 7, Part II :.

Secondary Title: My wayward attempt at explaining that which is driving me insane!

I like the second title myself. A bit long though.

So, over the past month, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time again attempting to make some headway on what is to come in our final (tear) book. I’ve been trying to take it from a more historical perspective, including Tarot, Christianity, and Celtic folklore. But that only was getting me so far. So I also am going to throw out my wayward, outlandish, insane theories, that most of you are going to shake your heads at, and we’ll see where we get. I take everything from a very structured philosophical perspective, so just because I’m showing these theories doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree with them. In fact, I can usually find several other reasons why they won’t work. I’m just going with some far-fetched possibilities because my other methods of reasoning through this aren’t working, and they alas are all that I have left.

This makes for a small sampling of all the topics of discussion out there regarding book 7. But these are the only ones, at the moment, that I have some ideas about, that I have not exhausted before. Anyway, let's get to it then!

Severus Snape

Dear Severus is innocent. He did kill Dumbledore, but only because Dumbledore ordered him to. Dumbledore knew that the Unbreakable Vow would kill Snape if Snape didn’t carry out his wishes. And he felt that Snape’s efforts as a spy were more vital to the Order’s cause than his. Since DD knew that this may happen, he alerted one of his most trusted members of the Order so that Snape could be aided when he was on the run from the Ministry, and so that Snape could have a line of contact open to deliver the vital information that he manages to obtain while still spying on Voldemort. He would be instructed to not pass this information onto anyone in the Order, because that is the only way in ensuring that Snape’s cover isn’t blown before he’s ready for it to be. In the meantime, Snape will be in hiding, and doing his best to stick close with Voldemort, so that he will be in place ready to pounce when the opportune moment arises. All of these years, Snape would have DD asked why he couldn’t just murder Voldemort himself. I don’t believe that DD would have explained the whole complex Horcrux thing to him, but that he would have said something to the effect of “He cannot be killed like a regular wizard. You have to wait for other matters to fall into place first.”

Harry of course is completely convinced of Snape’s guilt. He doesn’t have the time to go hunting for him, for he has so many more Horcruxes to destroy. But at one point they will meet and it will get ugly. I’ve had the suspicion for quite a while that Harry will kill Snape, and only afterward will he find out of his true innocence.

Snape and Lily dated briefly in their early years at Hogwarts. They were both Slughorn’s prize potions pupils, both members of the Slug Club, and both came from muggle families of sorts. Snape may have come from a witch mother, but his father forbade the use of magic at his household, and was furious when Snape got his acceptance letter at Hogwarts. So his upbringing was as muggle as it could have been.

Snape was the one that Petunia overheard talking to Lily about Dementors. Their relationship fell apart because Lily didn’t like his obsession with the Dark Arts nor the friends he kept. Snape also grew jealous of James, even though Lily showed nothing but disdain for him through those years.

Harshly though it ended, Snape never stopped loving her, not even after she got together with James, married him, and had little Harry. He was a member of Voldemort’s inner circle for a while, until he discovered his master’s obsession with killing a baby boy who happened to be the son of his long lost love just because of what some silly Seer said. That is when he came to DD, and offered to work as a spy for the Order. He begged Voldemort to not kill Lily. He reminded the Lord that he had dutifully served him for years, and never asked anything from him. He didn’t think asking for one thing after all of these years would have been too much. That was the only reason for Voldemort’s slight hesitation in killing Lily. He didn’t usually listen to what other people had to say, but he knew the value that Severus served in his circle, and that it would be wise to keep him appeased.

Snape never hated Harry, but he was resentful toward him because he looked just like his father, and was a reminder of the relationship that had forever dashed his hopes with Lily. He did save his life and tried to help him through Occulemency for the sake of Lily. I don’t think that the Occulemency fiasco was Snape so much not trying to help Harry, but Harry being so stubborn and resentful of the whole matter.


Professor Trelawney left Hogwarts of her own volition before DD’s funeral. She just couldn’t take being there without DD there, and decided to travel and do some thinking. However, the Death Eaters caught up with her soon enough and held her hostage. His followers tried to get her to confess what the Prophecy contained. They didn’t understand that she couldn’t tell them anything about the Prophecy anymore than they could, as she has no memory of it.

Someone comes to rescue her before they go too far--either the Trio or members of the Order. There will be a point when she will confront Harry about the Prophecy, and learn the truth about her abilities. The whole affair will be very humbling for her, and she will come out the better for it.


Hogwarts will reopen. The Trio will return to Hogwarts for research on Horcruxes, but not stay for the term. Professor McGonagall will remain at her post as Headmistress, and will still continue to teach Transfiguration. Aberforth will be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He will have a message for Harry from DD.

I have some evidence for this and some evidence against it, but I’m just going to go with it for the moment: there is a graveyard at Hogwarts that is important.


Draco will move to the good side before the end.


Each Horcrux is used as a key to opening the other. If Voldemort wanted to get to his locket in the cave, he would have to first obtain the Hufflepuff cup, so that he can use it to drink the potion from, as a drink from a regular cup would cause horrible effects, as we see with what happened to DD. What further affirms that idea into my head is the Irish legend of the Shining Spear of Lugh, which is one of the 4 treasures of Ireland, which provides victory in any fight. It is extremely hot, and has to be kept point down in Dagda’s Cauldron (another of the 4 treasures of Ireland), which would be full of water, so that it wouldn’t burn down the place in which kept it. It also is said to constantly drip blood. Dagda’s Cauldron never emptied and left none hungry( This left me to think that the Hufflepuff cup would have similar properties to Dagda’s Cauldron, as Helga was known for her “dexterity with food-related charms.” She created many of the recipes that are used in the Hogwarts feasts ( That just seemed to make more sense to me than to say that the cup is another Grail. Also, food relates more to earth than water does, earth being the element of Hufflepuff.

The legend of the Shining Spear of Lugh is very similar to the legend of the Spear of Destiny, at least as far as its powers are concerned. The Spear of Destiny is associated with the Grail Hallows. This goes way back to the time of the death of Jesus. Jesus and his fellow prisoners on their crosses had been suffering for quite a while, and so it was time when their legs would be broken so that they could die faster. When they made it to Jesus, they found that he was already dead, so there was no point in breaking his legs. So they stabbed him with the Spear instead. This was seen as another piece of proof that he was the Messiah, as it had been foretold that “The Messiah shall be pierced and his bones shall not be broken.” (

The Spear itself passed from the likes of Charlemagne, Otto the Great, and Frederick Barbossa, to name a few. Hitler wrote of it in Mein Kampf: “There is a legend associated with this spear, that whoever claims it, and solves its secrets, holds the destiny of the world in his hands for good and evil.”( It is said that it will make all of your battles victorious, however once you were no longer in possession of the Spear, you would die instantly (

Some believe that Hitler did locate the Spear, and it was only taken from him just before his suicide by another dictator of sorts: General Patton. J.K. has hinted that the history of the muggles is linked to the history of the wizards. Grindlewald and Hitler both met their downfall in the same year, 1945. What if it was Grindlewald who had the true Spear, and Hitler only had a copy? Then, the man who brought upon his downfall must have taken possession of that Spear, which was of course Albus Dumbledore.

The Spear, in this scheme of four hallows or four treasures of Ireland, should point to Ravenclaw. However, the Spear doesn’t relate to Rowena Ravenclaw in the way that the other relics relate to their owners. So I reasoned it this way. Rowena took the Spear from the power-hungry wizard of her age, and hid it so that no other wizard could abuse its power. Grindlewald found it some how, and made use of it until Dumbledore came along. It also should be noted that Voldemort was just nineteen at this time, and had already killed his father and grandparents, and obtained Gaunt’s ring, and knew what Horcruxes were.

I think the history and importance of the object would have appealed to Voldemort, but he wouldn’t have dared to use its power, because he would have been too afraid of losing it and succumbing to death. I believe that it may be possessed without the risk of dying, as long as its powers are not utilized.

One final possibility that I have for Ravenclaw is the Ampulla of Holy Oil, which is a “hollow eagle-shaped gold vessel from which anointing oil is poured from when they anoint a new sovereign at their coronation”( The only real connection that has is its eagle shape.

It is worth noting that the Sword in these legends symbolizes the power of the monarch, it is broken, has the power to cut its enemies in half, or finally always wounds upon contact (

As mentioned, each of the four hallows, or treasures, corresponds with an element: Swords with Fire, Coins/pentacle with Earth, Staves/wands with Air, and finally Cups with Water. Those divisions mark one major flaw in this theory. If you decide to go with it and say that the coins/pentacle means the locket, the sword is the sword of Gryffindor that Voldemort never got to, the cup is the Hufflepuff cup, and the Ravenclaw’s relic is a stave or wand that we haven’t encountered yet, the Hufflepuff side of the equation doesn’t work, because Hufflepuff’s corresponding element is earth and not water; water is reserved for Slytherin.

One last thing on Horcruxes that I’d like to add is that I believe that the locket opens to reveal something in addition to itself. I think that it’s foolish to assume that it’s just a locket. In the treasures of Ireland and the Grail Hallows, the fourth element is a stone or a platter of sorts, used for coronation purposes.


R.A.B. is Regulus Black. He is dead but he left important clues for Harry to find. He knew about more than one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. Kreacher helped him obtain the locket, and Harry will make use of him.

The Veil

Harry will communicate with Sirius through the two-way mirror, and find out that he has to trick Voldemort through the Veil in order to kill him. There is only one night of the year where they can descend through the Veil without suffering instant death: All Hallows Eve, so that is when Harry will have to set up a scheme to con Voldemort into following him in there.

The Quibbler

The contents of The Quibbler will turn out to be more vital to Harry's search than it seems. Every story within it has a shred of truth to it, masked by lies. Its devoted fans know this, and enjoy the game of finding the truth admist all of the clutter. They are able to discover things that most wizards overlook as complete rubbish. This allows The Quibbler to get away with publishing controversial topics without the Ministry finding out.

The Daily Prophet will continue to be as biased as ever.


Harry will eventually triumph over Voldemort, and he may or may not meet his own end in the process. Voldemort, being afraid of death still, will remain at Hogwarts as a ghost. He will scheme with Peeves to reek havoc on the school (okay, I don’t really believe that, but I thought that it was kind of a funny thought).


Ron and Hermione will get together.
Harry and Ginny will stay apart.
Ginny will go for Neville instead.
I honestly think that Harry and Luna are great together, but I would be happy if they just stayed good friends for the rest of their lives.
Bill and Fleur will get married and live very happily together, after all of this voldey business is over with.
Tonks and Lupin should get together, provided both survive until the end of Book 7.
If Snape makes it, he’s mine!

Who Won’t Die

Hagrid—he’s too hard to kill, plus Grawp would protect him if he was ever in dire need.
Ron—J.K. has already said “like I would kill Harry’s best friend” (not an exact quote).
Neville—This poor kid has been through enough. To kill him at this stage in the game would just be wrong.
The Dursleys—I don’t see how that could come into play.
Professor McGonagall—the school has already lost a backbone with DD gone. They can’t lose her too.

Who May Die

Snape—pretty obvious
Harry—if the Horcrux jinx is true
Bellatrix—that *itch is going down!
Dobby—I love him to death, and it would kill me if he died, but he hero-worships Harry and would do anything to protect him.
Draco—He’ll start off Book 7 from a very precarious position.
Lupin—this just makes sense because the rest of the mauraders, excluding Peter, are dead.
Ginny—Voldemort has used her before.
Hermione—I really don’t want to say that she will die. Many have been saying lately that J.K. wouldn’t have all of this build-up about her and Ron’s relationship just to kill her off. But I still think it’s possible that she will meet her end in Book 7.
Luna—I think she’s going to have an extremely vital role in Book 7, and even though she is a strong fighter, she may get caught in the crossfire.
And the rest of the characters are also possibilities, however this narrow list marks my personal predictions.

Who Will Die

Voldemort—only definite to the list.


I am hoping that this answered some of your dire HP questions, or that it at least appeased them until July. I also hope that I didn’t offend any of you too badly. And I would love to hear from those of you who took the time to read this, and hear your thoughts. I love theorizing, as you probably can tell, and I’m very interested to hear what you would have to say! In addition to emailing me through the site by clicking on the Send Us An Owl page, you can also reach me at: Thanks much for reading.

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