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Would you like to find out some interesting facts and figures about TheSnitch? If so, this is the webpage that will allow you to do just that!

.: How TheSnitch Began :.

TheSnitch was created by the former webmaster, Gary Hodsgon. Below is an extract from Gary, in regards to how he founded TheSnitch:

Well I suppose I was a late starter to Harry Potter, being I had the opportunity to read as far as Goblet of Fire all in one go. Like most older readers (I was 17) my little brother twisted my arm and told me I had to read them and whoosh I was hooked.

Well imagine my excitement when I found that a Harry Potter movie was starting production and me being a total movie nutter, I hit the web right away and went looking for anything I could find. I came across some fantastic Harry Potter websites that had some good devotion to the movies as well as the books, such as and Sadly both websites are gone now, but they had a huge impact on my decision to start a Harry Potter movie website. I felt that there were really no good websites just for the movies and so I set about writing down 50 website names and no 27, TheSnitch was the winner. I met up with a girl online called Kayleena during my construction phase who already had a Harry Potter online RPG and together we finished TheSnitch and opened on May 1st, 2001.

TheSnitch changed ownership in November 2007 and is now run by former co-webmaster's, Raadhika Madala and Stefan Marseglia. With both of them being staff members at TheSnitch for a good number of years, they plan to carry on with Gary's legacy to make TheSnitch one of the most informative Harry Potter websites available.

.: Four Reasons Why It Hasn't Always Been Fun :.

There have been many trials and tribulations with the running of TheSnitch over the years, including:

1 - Being kicked from 17 hosts for overuse of server resources
2 - Losing all of the content twice
3 - Coming close to shutting down, due to large hosting bills
4 - Getting hacked three times and having the website defaced with porn

.: TheSnitch Statistics :.

Opened :-
May 01, 2001

Average Monthly Hits :-

Average Monthly Bandwidth Use :-

Server Space Used By The Snitch :-

.: TheSnitch Featured In... :.

To our knowledge, has been mentioned in two popular Harry Potter guides. Here are the books and our little snippets in each.

A Muggle's Guide to the Wizarding World :
Exploring the Harry Potter Universe.. � An excellent, all-round, U.K.-based website; this one is worth your time and attention.

Muggles and Magic: J. K. Rowling and
the Harry Potter Phenomenon

The Snitch: - Founded in 2001, The Snitch is a great resource for fans, especially for those of the Harry Potter films. News, trailers, photo galleries, cast information, release dates� you�ll find it all here!

.: TheSnitch Through The Ages :.

Below are screenshots of TheSnitch website during the years that it has been around. You can see as time has gone by, that each design of TheSnitch gets better and better and we still continually strive to improve TheSnitch for members' benefits!

^0^ Please allow loading time as these are high quality screenshots ^0^

.: Our Access Domains :.

.: Thank You :.

A very big thank you to Thomas Branch for the original design of TheSnitch's official Snitch logo.

TheSnitch had been searching for a logo of it's very own for some time and after Gary got in contact with some of the fantastic artwork that Thomas was posting in the fan art section of TheSnitch's forums; he asked if he could produce a Snitch in his own style.

The end result can be seen by clicking here.

If you would like to view more work by Thomas you can visit his website here or view his work at DeviantART here.

.: Our Hardware :.

TheSnitch is currently powered by the company entitled 1and1.

TheSnitch Server Specifications

CPU - Single Core AMD Athlon - 2.2Ghz
OS - Fedora Core 6
Harddrives - 2 x 160GB HDD's
Monthly Bandwidth Quota - 2000GB