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 Sunday, 24th

   Tom Felton & Katie Leung attend theme park grand opening ceremony in Japan0 Comments

Universal Studios Japan has announced via press release that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Osaka, Japan will exclusively have the “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” ride in 3D.

Tom Felton and Katie Leung were at the grand opening event on Wednesday, 20 May, and you can see videos here, courtesy of USJ.

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 Saturday, 23rd

   BBC sued over Game Changer?0 Comments

The BBC is reporting how it is being sued by Rockstar Games - maker of Grand Theft Auto - over a drama called Game Changer.

Accio Quote:
The film stars Daniel Radcliffe as Sam Houser, the Briton behind the hit computer game series.

It's about the clash between the firm and a US lawyer, Jack Thompson, who wanted to stop the violent games falling into the hands of children.

Edinburgh-based Rockstar Games wants to ensure its "trademarks are not misused".


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   Galbraith announces he is editing his latest novel!0 Comments

J K Rowling has gone to Twitter to announce that Robert Galbraith is in the process of editing his latest novel, Career of Evil.


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   Rowling receives damages from The Daily Mail0 Comments

The Guardian and other media outlets are reporting how J K Rowling has received damages from The Daily Mail after suggesting that she wrote a 'sob story' about her time as a single mother.

Accio Quote:
Associated Newspapers has also agreed to pay the creator of Harry Potter substantial damages, which she is donating to charity, and to contribute to her legal costs, said her lawyer.

Solicitor-advocate Keith Schilling read out a two-page statement saying the newspaper allegations left the author “understandably distressed” but she was now happy to bring her libel proceedings – lodged in the name Joanne Kathleen Murray – to a close.


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   Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Hollywood merchandise preview!0 Comments

Theme Park Insider has revealed pictures of some merchandise that will be sold at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Hollywood theme park.

A big announcement will also be made on June 2nd.


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 Thursday, 21st

   Rowling to Lewis: "Put some clothes on!"0 Comments

J K Rowling has responded to seeing Matthew Lewis partially naked.... by telling him to 'put some clothes on!'

The remarks came after Lewis stripped down to his Emporio Armanis briefs for his role as a personal trainer in Me Before You.

The photoshoot was done by Attitude magazine.

Accio Quote:
“I was excited I guess to go on the red carpet on the release of the last film and be me, and not to have to have the fat suit under my t-shirt. It was quite an exciting buzz”, Matt says.

“I was 21, I was like “yeah, this’ll be cool!” It was never meant to be a “hey everyone, look at me!” but it was nice to be able to go and be myself.

“And then obviously a lot of attention focused on it, which I didn’t expect at all. I’ve never considered myself to be good-looking at all. Just average.”


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 Wednesday, 20th

   Annual Rob Knox film festival details0 Comments

The Rob Knox Film Festival is held annually in Bexley, London during the first week of June.

Its aims are:

^0^ To raise the profile of positive behaviour by young people.

^0^ To provide an opportunity for locally made films to reach a wider audience.

^0^ To provide an opportunity for young people to see independent films from around the world.

^0^ To provide learning opportunities for young filmmakers.

^0^ To identify films that tackle social issues or that could be used in an educational context.

Find out more by clicking here.


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   New "Philosopher's Stone" book image!0 Comments

Bloomsbury today released a new image from their upcoming Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Illustrated Edition book.

The illustration comes from illustrator Jim Kay and is based on the text of:

Harry was used to spiders, because the cupboard under the stairs was full of them, and that was where he slept.

The book will be released worldwide by Bloomsbury UK and Scholastic on October 6, 2015.


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 Tuesday, 19th

   Universal Studios Hollywood to reveal exciting news!0 Comments

The Countdown has begun for the Much-Anticipated 2016 Southern California Arrival of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” and Universal Studios Hollywood Has Exciting News to Share

Tune-In HERE on June 2 at 1PM ET / 10AM PT to be Among the First to Know

Universal City, California, May 19, 2015 – On Tuesday, June 2 at 1PM ET / 10AM PT, Universal Studios Hollywood will reveal exciting news about the much-anticipated 2016 arrival of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™”.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 2, 2015

For more information, visit Join the conversation online using #WizardingWorldHollywood and for all the latest news, “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @UniStudios.

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   Bonham-Carter joins "CountdownToZero" campaign0 Comments

Save The Children is reporting that Helena Bonham-Carter has joined their #CountdownToZero campaign.

The campaign aims for:

Accio Quote:
Stronger health systems in poorer countries would help end the continuing injustice of children dying from illnesses like pneumonia and malaria.

We know it can be done. The world has halved the number of preventable child deaths since 1990 thanks to increasing access to doctors, nurses, midwives and vaccines.


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 Sunday, 17th

   Davis opens new sixth form0 Comments

The Stamford Mercury is reporting that Warwick Davis has opened a new sixth-form for pupils at the Bourne Academy (formerly Robert Manning Technology College) in Lincolnshire.

Accio Quote:
He said: “I was honoured to have been asked to open the fantastic new sixth form centre at Bourne Academy.”

Sixth-form pupils at Bourne Academy can now look forward to studying in the new centre which comprises of a spacious common room, a study centre and office space, along with a large number of computers which will be made available for them to use during their private study time.


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 Thursday, 14th

   Lynch to star in"Danny and the Human Zoo"0 Comments

The BBC is reporting that Evanna Lynch is set to star in the BBC's Danny and the Human Zoo.

Accio Quote:
Danny’s world is a series of complex minefields which he has to negotiate. His home life - which his ebullient mother rules with an iron fist in an iron glove; his love life - where the white Irish girl he's in love with won't give him the time of day until he wins his first competition - and finally the ups and downs of his emerging career.

When Danny wins a talent competition at the local club he soon finds himself working the comedy circuit. Audiences can’t get enough and applaud Danny as he effortlessly morphs into Mohammed Ali, Tommy Cooper and Frank Spencer; eventually hitting the big time on TV, an unheard-of achievement for a young black boy. But an unscrupulous agent takes advantage of Danny and forces him to star in a show, which even by Seventies' standards, was a byword for racism - The Black And White Minstrel Show. Danny hits rock bottom. Having made his name by becoming other people, Danny has to save himself by finding out who he really is.

No release date has yet been given.


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 Wednesday, 13th

   Pictures of Daniel Radcliffe filming "Game Changer"0 Comments

Reports are in that Daniel Radcliffe has started filming the BBC upcoming movie, Game Changer in Cape Town.

Accio Quote:
The film is based on game tycoon, Sam Houser, and his controversial hit game, Grand Theft Auto.

You can pictures of Daniel filming here.

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   Rupert Grint wins two 2015 Audience Choice Awards0 Comments has announced the winners of their 2015 Audience Choice Awards, and Rupert Grint has won two awards for his role of Sir Frank Finger in It’s Only a Play.

Accio Quote:
Rupert Grint
Favorite Featured Actor in a Play: Rupert Grint, It's Only a Play
Favorite Breakthrough Performance (Male): Rupert Grint, It's Only a Play

Congratulations to Rupert!

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   Harry Potter opera coming to Turkey0 Comments

Harry Potter is coming to the opera in Turkey on 15 and 16 May. J.K. Rowling has granted her permission, as all proceeds will be donated to charity, benefiting the Library of Turkey for the Visually Disabled and to families of the Soma mining disaster victims.

Accio Quote:
The youths will perform an opera with its costumes, décor, and orchestra. The projection mapping technology that we will use in the opera will be the first in Turkey

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   Kenneth Branagh gfited with Pragnell Shakespeare Birthday Award0 Comments

Kenneth Branagh has been granted the Pragnell Shakespeare Birthday Award at the 25 April ceremony that took place at Theatre Gardens in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Accio Quote:
I am honoured to be this year’s recipient of the distinguished Pragnell Shakespeare award. To be in the company of such illustrious predecessors is both touching and meaningful. I look forward very much to returning to Stratford, a town I love, and of course, to a delightful lunch to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday!

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   Eddie Redmayne in talks for "Fantastic Beasts"0 Comments

Variety is reporting that Eddie Redmayne has officially been offered the role of Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Accio Quote:
Yates and the studio were expected to meet next week for the two female leads but wanted to make sure Redmayne was locked up before those tests began.


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 Tuesday, 12th

   Lumos shortlisted in prestigious UK Charity Awards0 Comments

A project by J.K. Rowling’s charity Lumos to transform the lives of thousands of disabled children in Moldova has been shortlisted in the final round of the prestigious UK 2015 Charity Awards.

The charity’s ‘Inclusive Education’ project, which has attracted international attention for its innovative approach to including disabled children in mainstream schools, has been shortlisted in the ‘International Aid & Development’ category.

The project has made a significant contribution to the reform of child care and protection services in Moldova, which had one of the highest proportions in Europe of children separated from families and living in institutions.

Children with physical and intellectual disabilities accounted for more than 40% of all institutionalised children, living away from home in poor-quality ‘special residential schools’ because there were no services for them to be educated in their local schools. Reform, helped by Lumos, meant that the number of children with special needs educated in inclusive mainstream schools in Moldova increased over the four years to 2014 by 350% – from 1,253 to 4,495.

Awards category winners and an overall charity of the year will be chosen by the organisers, Civil Society Media, at an event in London on June 18. In the organiser’s announcement of the shortlist today, awards judge Richard Hawkes, chief executive of disability charity Scope, said the Lumos project demonstrated “really good practice in a challenging environment”.

Another judge, Su Sayer, founder of United Response, described the programme as “a terrific model”. She added: “What Lumos is doing is just so desperately needed. I imagine that this will just spread and spread and spread.”

Tania Mason, group editor at Civil Society Media, said: “We had an almost record number of entries this year – just four fewer than our all-time high in 2011 – and the standard was excellent, so Lumos Foundation should be very proud to have made the shortlist.”

Lumos CEO Georgette Mulheir said the shortlisting – for Lumos’ first entry in the awards – was testament to years of work by the Lumos Moldova team led by Dr. Irina Malanciuc, one of her country’s leading paediatricians. “We are delighted to be shortlisted and we’re proud of our team in Moldova, who have done so much to improve the lives of some of their country’s most disadvantaged children.”

Dr. Malanciuc added: “Moldova committed to closing child institutions and returning children to family life. But it had no system to allow inclusive education in local mainstream schools for thousands of disabled children who were living away from home and their families in grim residential special schools.

“Lumos designed and helped create mainstream inclusive education services from scratch, and we showed that an inclusive model could work for all children. We know of many, many children with disabilities who are now able to return home from living in institutions and orphanages, and happily learning in local schools, alongside non-disabled fellow pupils in their own communities.”

One pupil who has enjoyed the reform is Dumitriţa, a 14-year-old schoolgirl with disabilities who met J.K. Rowling at a Lumos event in November last year and said:

“I lived for five years in an institution. The time I spent there seemed like an eternity. I felt like I was in a dark labyrinth where I couldn’t find the light. Only the hope that the day would come when I could go back home gave me strength.

“My biggest dream was to be with my parents and sister. Everything I dreamed of came true. I came back home and everything changed. I’ve been studying at the school in my village for two years now. At the beginning it was very hard, I was afraid that the other children would not talk to me but it was completely different. My colleagues and teachers were nice to me. They offered me a lot of support and continue to do so. They help me with homework, moving around the school, carrying my backpack.”

Moldova, Europe’s poorest nation, proved that reform of child care and protection services is affordable for all countries. Lumos helped the government to ‘ring-fence’ savings from closing institutions for investment in special needs services in mainstream schools – including specialist resource centres with skills such as speech therapy. The results were dramatic. By 2013, 40% of schools had government funds for support teachers and other specialised resources, and the numbers have continued to grow.

Lumos has also trained more than 10,000 head teachers, teachers, support staff, policy-makers and other professionals in Moldova. In 2014-15, in a World Bank-funded project, Lumos has worked on behalf of the government to analyse the educational services in 24 counties in Moldova with a view to expanding the inclusive education model piloted with Lumos’ assistance – in Ialoveni and Floresti counties – across the whole country.

Lumos’ innovative approach was also recognised last month when Georgette Mulheir was honoured in the United States for her work on behalf of eight million disadvantaged children in institutions and orphanages around the world.

Georgette, a pioneer over two decades of a model of ‘deinstitutionalisation’ now followed by many governments, received a Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award, which celebrates innovation and ‘those whose ideas have broken the mould to create significant impact…in the fields of healthcare, education, international development, politics and advocacy, media, the arts and entertainment.” Last year, Georgette was named in the US as one of the world’s 30 most influential social workers, the only European on the list.

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