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 Wednesday, 18th

   Lynch to take a "step back" from the Potter world0 Comments

Evanna Lynch has announced that she is set to 'distance herself' from the Harry Potter world, in order to develop and grow as an artist.

  Accio Quote:
Sometimes life gives you an easy route that dulls your appetite for chasing your dreams and you become inhibited by fear of what lays beyond comfort and safety. That for me has been living off the world I inhabited a decade ago.

My 💘 @officialandel who is an actual fountain of joy, fun and wisdom and snarky comebacks. Thank you for keeping me spangly and reminding me why I'm here and inspiring some new intentions... I'm going to take a break from conventions after the other two I've committed to this year because I need to push myself as an artist more. Sometimes life gives you an easy route that dulls your appetite for chasing your dreams and you become inhibited by fear of what lays beyond comfort and safety. That for me has been living off the world I inhabited a decade ago. It's a blessing to have a safety net and while it's possible to maintain safety and chaos together I believe I need insecurity to light a fire under my scared little artist's ass. I'm different now and need to honour that and challenge myself to create something else, something from the person I am today. I feel like I'm stuck in my 18 year old self artistically when I actually have a lot more to say. I'm writing it down for myself to acknowledge and to remind myself to not be held back by fear of discovering my inabilities and inadequacies as an actor and human. What is there to lose anymore by being relentlessly optimistic about the future? I have run out of excuses and want to follow my heart wholeheartedly rather than my fear... 🙏🏻

A photo posted by Evanna Lynch (@msevylynch) on


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   Behind-the-scenes at Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood0 Comments

Pottermore has released a behind-the-scenes video of the Universal Studio's Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood.

  Accio Quote:
In this exclusive video art director Alan Gilmore, who worked on the Harry Potter films, takes us behind the scenes of iconic locations including Hogsmeade village and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


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 Sunday, 15th

   Trailer: "Snatch"0 Comments

A trailer for Rupert Grint's upcoming Snatch has been released.

  Accio Quote:
SNATCH streams free on Crackle March 16th.

The cult classic film Snatch is now a high-stakes, high-octane Crackle Original Series. Get in on the action, gangster mentality, heists and rapid-fire dialogue that earned the original movie a shite-load of fans. Snatch streams free on Crackle March 16. Starring Rupert Grint (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), Luke Pasqualino (Battlestar Gallactica: Blood & Chrome), Lucien Laviscourt (The Bye Bye Man), Marc Warren (Wanted, Hustle), Stephanie Leonidas (American Gothic), Phoebe Dynevor (Waterloo Road), Juliet Aubrey (The Infiltrator, The Constant Gardener), Tamer Hassan (Layer Cake, Kick-Ass), Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible III, Taken 3) and Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl).


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 Friday, 13th

   Grint to star on "Urban Myths"0 Comments

British Comedy Guide and other media outlets have let us know that a trailer for Rupert Grint's upcoming involvement with Urban Myths has been released.

The comedy series follows made-up tales of celebrities and historical figures.

Grint features in the Hitler the Artist episode and this will air on Thursday 2nd February on Sky Arts.


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   "Fantastic Beasts" and the $800M0 Comments

No, it isn't the title of the next Fantastic Beasts movie, but how much the movie has managed to bring in globally... $800M!

  Accio Quote:
Continuing to generate box office magic, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” has crossed the $800 million mark at the worldwide box office. The announcement was made today by Sue Kroll, President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures.

The acclaimed film—set in a new era in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, decades before Harry Potter and half a world away—is the Studio’s top-grossing film internationally for 2016. In addition, “Fantastic Beasts” just earned five BAFTA Award nominations: for Outstanding British Film, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, Best Sound, and Best Special Visual Effects.

In her announcement, Kroll stated, “Returning to the Wizarding world in ‘Fantastic Beasts’ was a labor of love for all of us, and it has been a privilege to watch audiences around the world embrace a new cast of characters in this world created by the incomparable J.K. Rowling. This is an extraordinary milestone for the first film in our new franchise and speaks to the remarkable talents of the cast and filmmakers who worked so hard to bring it to the screen. Congratulations to them, as well as to the Warner Bros. marketing and distribution teams on this great success.”


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 Thursday, 12th

   James and Oliver Phelps to visit HP: The Exhibition0 Comments

James and Oliver Phelps announced on Facebook this morning that they would be in attendance on the opening day of Harry Potter: The Exhibition in the Netherlands on February 11th.

  Accio Quote:
“We are thrilled to bring this extraordinary exhibition to Utrecht.” said Frederik van Alkemade, promoter special events of MOJO, “Fans will be able to get closer than ever to the wizarding world right here in The Netherlands. Harry Potter: The Exhibition is a must-see for all ages.”

  Accio Quote:
“We are delighted to partner with Mojo to bring the magic of Harry Potter to The Netherlands,” said Eddie Newquist, chief creative officer for GES. “Harry Potter: The Exhibition has welcomed millions of guests from cities all over the world during its tour, and continues to amaze fans with its thousands of props and costumes.”


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   The Magic of Storytelling by Emma Watson0 Comments

Emma Watson is showing her love of reading by helping Disney with their The Magic of Storytelling series.

  Accio Quote:
Books take kids to amazing places, grow their imaginations, and prepare them for the future. Do you remember the magic of your first book? For 15 years, First Book and Disney have helped kids in need live happily ever after by providing new books to help them read, learn and succeed. Now you can give stories that change lives. Join First Book and Disney | ABC to help get one million books to kids across the country. Be inspired to share the magic of storytelling.


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   "Fantastic Beasts" nominated for 2017 Costume Designers Guild Awards0 Comments

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them has been nominated for a 2017 Costume Designers Guild Award.

The awards will be presented by LACOSTE on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.


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   Filming of "The Cormoran Strike" TV series0 Comments

J. K. Rowling has posted some new images of the cast and crew hard at work on The Cormoran Strike TV series.

It has also been announced on IMDB new cast members, including:

  Accio Quote:
Leo Bill ... John Bristow (3 episodes, 2017)

Kerr Logan Kerr Logan ... Matthew Cunliffe (3 episodes, 2017)

Tezlym Senior-Sakutu Tezlym Senior-Sakutu ... Rochelle Onifade (3 episodes, 2017)

Martin Shaw Martin Shaw ... Tony Landry (3 episodes, 2017)

David Avery David Avery ... Nico Kolovas-Jones (2 episodes, 2017)

Brian Bovell Brian Bovell ... Derrick Wilson (2 episodes, 2017)

Tara Fitzgerald Tara Fitzgerald ... Tansy Bestigui (2 episodes, 2017)

Elarica Johnson Elarica Johnson ... Lula Landry (2 episodes, 2017)

Siân Phillips Siân Phillips ... Lady Yvette Bristow (2 episodes, 2017)

Killian Scott Killian Scott ... D.I Eric Wardle (2 episodes)

Amber Anderson Amber Anderson ... Ciara Porter (1 episode, 2017)

Mario Demetriou Mario Demetriou ... Interviewer (1 episode, 2017)

Kadiff Kirwan Kadiff Kirwan ... Guy Somé (1 episode, 2017)

Bradley Wj Miller Bradley Wj Miller ... Fireman Bradley (1 episode, 2017)

Bronson Webb Bronson Webb ... Evan Duffield (1 episode)


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 Wednesday, 11th

   Rowling tops USA Today book chart0 Comments

USA Today has released their 2016 book sale rankings and J. K. Rowling has come out on top!

  Accio Quote:
Britannia — in the form of female novelists J.K. Rowling, Paula Hawkins and Jojo Moyes — ruled U.S. book sales in 2016, as USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list shows. USA TODAY's Jocelyn McClurg looks at the year's hottest literary trends.



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 Tuesday, 10th

   BAFTA nominations: "Fantastic Beasts"0 Comments

This year's BAFTA nominations have been announced and the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them movie has secured a whopping FIVE nominations!

The nominations are for:

  Accio Quote:

The 2017 British Academy Film Awards will be held at the Royal Albert Hall in London on February 12th.


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 Monday, 9th

   More tickets released for "Cursed Child"0 Comments

It has been announced that additional tickets for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theatre show will be released on January 23rd.

  Accio Quote:
A further 75,000 tickets will be released for sale on Monday 23 January 2017, at 11am GMT, for performances from 7 February 2018 – 29 April 2018. Tickets are priced from £15 per part and for every performance there will be over 300 tickets at £20 or less per part.


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   "Fantastic Beasts" visual magic effects revealed0 Comments

Cinesite has released a video showing the computerized layer-by-layer graphics and effects used to create the magic inside the Goldstein sisters' New York City apartment.

  Accio Quote:
Cinesite returned to the world of Harry Potter, delivering just under 100 VFX shots including environments of prohibition-era Manhattan, set extensions and the creation of a magical dinner. Cinesite worked on all eight of the Harry Potter movies so the team led by VFX Supervisor Andrew Morley were well equipped to bring J.K. Rowling’s imaginary world from script to screen with production VFX supervisors Tim Burke and Christian Manz.

The team’s scope of work included the preparation of dinner in the Goldstein apartment, the suitcase that Newt uses to transition into different worlds and various CG environments of Manhattan.

The dinner culminates with the ingredients of an apple strudel descending in front of Jacob; the fruit is wrapped in layers of pastry, before the whole strudel is cooked to a brown crisp and descends hot and ready to eat onto the centre of the table. The shot was built with custom FX. Heavy animated texturing, shading and displacement work was required to give the appearance of cooking whilst the strudel floats through the air. Extra blend shapes were also added to allow the whole pastry to appear as though it shrinks down a little as it cooks.


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 Sunday, 8th

   Prisoner of Azkaban out in October0 Comments

Bloomsbury have updated their website with a placeholder for the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Illustrated Edition book.

The release date has been set for October 3rd, 2017 with a RRP of £30.00.


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 Friday, 6th

   What is J. K. Rowling working on?0 Comments

J. K. Rowling has posted a cryptic message onto her Twitter account.

She states that she has found it hard to find a painting which illustrates what she is currently working on.

What do you think this painting could mean for Rowling's current work?


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