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 Tuesday, 1st

   Collect your Harry Potter PEZ dispensers NOW!0 Comments

PEZ and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have announced the arrival of Harry Potter-style PEZ sweet dispensers.

The PEZ dispensers will be priced at $17.99 and consist of: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, Rubeus Hagrid and Lord Voldemort

Christian Jegen, CEO/President of PEZ Candy, Inc. said:

  Accio Quote:
“We are very excited to welcome Harry Potter to the line of PEZ Collector Sets. Harry Potter has been a recurring request from fans, young and old, for quite some time. We know this set will be on top of their holiday wish lists!”


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 Monday, 31st

   Rowling pays tribute to Oliver Sacks0 Comments

J K Rowling has paid tribute to British neurologist and author, Oliver Sacks.

Sacks passed away at the age of 82.


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   Gryffindor and Slytherin play.... cricket!0 Comments

Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton have gone back to their Gryffindor and Slytherin rivalry to play against each other in the David Holmes Cricket Cup.

It appears that Slytherin / Tom Felton's team won, however Lewis took it in his stride.


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 Saturday, 29th

   Radcliffe discusses "Victor Frankenstein"0 Comments

Daniel Radcliffe recently spoke to The Daily Express to promote his upcoming Victor Frankenstein movie.

Regarding his acting partner James McAvoy he said:

  Accio Quote:
“James is a very good physical actor and I’m very good at having the c*** beaten out of me so we worked really well together,” says Daniel.

“Sometimes it is hard to get other actors to really go for it but not James.

"He didn’t hold back and I felt it too! But it worked for those scenes and we remain good buddies.


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   Trailer: Tom Felton's "Risen"0 Comments

A new extended trailer for Tom Felton's upcoming Risen movie has been released.

  Accio Quote:
This January, witness one of the most important events in human history through the eyes of a nonbeliever. Risen is a depiction of events surrounding Christ's missing body after his crucifixion.

The movie is released on January 22, 2016.


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 Friday, 28th

   Watson attends "Regression" premiere0 Comments

Emma Watson attended the premiere for the Regression movie in Madrid yesterday (August 27th).

About her appearance, Teen Vogue said:

  Accio Quote:
With the help of her stylist, Sarah Slutsky, Emma has selected every outfit for her Regression press tour based on that designer or company’s commitment to creating quality products that are made ethically and sustainably. Each day she is posting her look to Instagram, tagging the various designers and explaining her choice to wear their clothing.


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 Thursday, 27th

   Tena's band launches "Pledge Music" campaign0 Comments

Natalia Tena's band Molotov Jukebox has created a Pledge Music page to help raise money for their second studio album, Tropical Gypsy.

5 per cent of all money raised will go to Womankind Worldwide.

  Accio Quote:
We’re giving you the opportunity to get involved in this one too! Again you can get exclusive Pledge-only content and experiences, and also see behind the scenes on our journey to make our second album – all the crazy shows and amazing places on the way!

This second record will show us really developing our sound – bringing the best of tropical with the best of gypsy to create some beautiful new songs that we hope will have you smiling and dancing from the first listen!


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 Wednesday, 26th

   Pattinson to be honoured at Film Festival0 Comments

Variety is reporting that Robert Pattinson is set to be honoured at the Deauville Film Festival in Normandy, France.

Pattison's Hollywood Rising Star Award will be presented between September 4th and September 12th.

  Accio Quote:
Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Olson will be on hand at the 41st Normandy-set Deauville film festival to receive the Hollywood Rising Star Awards and present the French premieres of their respective movies, “Life” (pictured) directed by Anton Corbin, and “The Green Inferno” helmed by Eli Roth.


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   Grint on set of new mystery film0 Comments

The Daily Mail has taken some images of Rupert Grint on the set of his new mystery film with Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon.

The pair are currently in Krakow, Poland, and are dressed in vintage-style clothes.

More news on the film as it comes!


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 Tuesday, 25th

   "Fantastic Beasts" - an all white cast?0 Comments

A Fantastic Beasts fan asked J.K. Rowling on Twitter if the cast of the movies is all-white.

Rowling responded by stating definitely not!


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   Trailer: Grint's "Moonwalkers"0 Comments

Variety has released new information about Rupert Grint's upcoming movie, Moonwalkers.

  Accio Quote:
Set in July 1969,”Moonwalkers” follows a CIA agent (Ron Perman, pictured above) who is sent to London to find Stanley Kubrick and ask him to shoot a fake moon landing in case the real one fails. Although he’s not able to meet Kubrick, he crosses paths with Jonny (Rupert Grint), the loser manager of a hippie rock band. Together they embark on an ill-fated mission to come up with a film.


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 Monday, 24th

   "Happy Valley" to feature Matthew Lewis and Shirley Henderson0 Comments

The BBC is reporting that filming of series two of Happy Valley is set to start this week.

  Accio Quote:
As series two opens, we join Catherine (Sarah Lancashire), the no-nonsense police sergeant who is back heading up her team of dedicated police officers in The Calder Valley in West Yorkshire. With Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) firmly behind bars, Catherine suspects there may be another serial killer on the loose and makes a gruesome discovery that will have shocking repercussions for her and her family. Meanwhile, a new detective, DS John Wadsworth (Kevin Doyle) arrives on the block with his own set of problems, and despite being firmly under lock and key, Tommy forms a bond with a mysterious female admirer (Shirley Henderson).


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   Watson reveals "The True Cost" movie0 Comments

Emma Watson posted on Twitter information about the movie, The True Cost, which is one of the reasons why she decided to design a collection of clothes for the ethical fashion companyPeople Tree.

  Accio Quote:
The True Cost is a groundbreaking documentary film that pulls back the curtain on the untold story and asks us to consider, who really pays the price for our clothing?

The trailer can be seen below:


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 Saturday, 22nd

   Rowling reveals new Potter information on Twitter0 Comments

J K Rowling has once again gone to Twitter to reveal new information about the Potter universe.

Who is the cursed child?

Do we know who it is already?

Hagrid and magic:


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 Friday, 21st

   Pottermore to award the last House Cup0 Comments

Pottermore has announced that the last House Cup will be awarded in September, due to the upcoming changes that will be made to the website.


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 Wednesday, 19th

   Trailer for "Victor Frankenstein" released0 Comments

A new trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming Victor Frankenstein has been released.

A new poster has also been released:

The movie will be released on November 25, 2015.


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 Tuesday, 18th

   Interview with "Beast" director Bill Condon0 Comments

Vanity Fair recently conducted an interview with director Bill Condon.

Condon is currently directing the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson.

  Accio Quote:
I wouldn’t say we’re changing the story so much as sort of making connections that in a lot of cases were right under the surface.

Honestly, there are so many people who love the original film and love the Broadway show, and they’ve had two decades now to pick them apart and point out big questions...

The movie is set to be released in 2017.


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