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History Repeats Itself

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    A new day has come....

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Dumbledore wanted to make up for the lost time. He wanted, now more than ever, the students to be prepared to face Voldemort. Umbridge had made them loose a precious year of training so he had organised several extra classes meetings for students to practice. They would be watched by the teachers to make sure that they wouldn't hurt each other. So, one sunny day, Expelliarmus! were heard all over the room, wands flew all over the place, but Snape was immerse in his own thoughts. Could it be! Could history repeat itself like this? He had to find out. He took a few steps.

"Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle come with me" said Snape quickly. The three of them looking bewildered followed Snape as he approached Harry, Hermione and Ron.

"Look, Harry, I've disarmed Hermione" said Ron happily

"Well, that's a first, isn't it" said Hermione hastily but Ron didn't listen he was too happy, but his smile washed out when he saw Snape approaching them followed by Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. Harry on the other hand didn't see Snape come up to them because he was to busy staring at Hermione.

"Potter, Weasley" said Snape rather coldly. That brought Harry back to earth "You'll be working for the rest of the class with Crabbe and Goyle."

"But" started Ron

"No buts" interrupted Snape in a despising tone.

"Granger" started Snape.

"I know, Parkinson" said Hermione looking disgusted.

"No, Malfoy" said Snape sharply

Hermione was surprised but not as much as Draco who was about to open his mouth when Snape gave him a threatening look.

"Now Crabbe, Potter go to that corner" Snape pointed to his right "Goyle, Weasley the other one" he pointed to his left "You two" he turned to Draco and Hermione "Stay here"

Snape walked away and pretended to be looking elsewhere, when to his horror, he saw Draco miss; he had never seen Draco miss before. He moved towards them quickly.

"What's wrong with you?" bellowed Snape

"Um... well...I..." Draco was clearly nervous "My wand, it needs replacement" Hermione couldn't believe her eyes, was Draco looking for an excuse to leave? "I'll just send an owl to my father" And he stayed there just for a second looking really uneasy before he started to walk towards the Slytherin Common Room. Snape was now sure that history was repeating itself. What he had so much resisted to believe was now more than obvious. Draco had fallen for Hermione.


Next day, Harry spotted Hermione outside of the Potion's classroom door, carrying a considerable amount of books in her hands.

"Hermione are you okay?" asked Harry in a worried voice. "Did Malfoy hurt you or something, because if he did, I'll swear I'll jinx him in such a way..." Harry was talking rather fast and looked really agitated.

"Harry, Harry calm down" said Hermione in a tranquilizing voice. "Don't worry he didn't hurt me"

"What happened then?" asked Ron who had spotted the both of them talking and had come up to them.

"He walked out" said Hermione really intrigued.

"What do you mean he walked out?" asked Harry quickly

"Well, he was aiming at me but he missed, then Snape came over and started yelling at him, and he said he had missed because of his wand, that he needed to replace it and then went to the Slytherin´s Common Room." Ron and Harry couldn't believe their ears.

"Are you saying Malfoy missed the opportunity to jinx a muggle-born?" said Ron in complete astonishment.

"Yes" said Hermione not sure that she should continue "And you know what the strangest thing is? I could swear he diverted his wand so it wouldn't hit me."

"What???" said Ron and Harry at the same time.

In that moment one of the books Hermione was holding fell to the floor, and she was about to kneel to pick it up, when someone else had already done it for her, when she raised her eyes to say thanks she was astounded to see Draco. Her mind was racing. Why on earth was Draco being nice with her? Was this some kind of trick?

"Thanks, I suppose" said Hermione with an unsure voice.

But Hermione was not the only one wondering why was Draco being nice to her, Harry was starting to worry, he could not see a single reason for Draco to be nice to Hermione and he didn't like it, he didn't like it at all. Meanwhile Ron, who could read Harry's and Hermione's minds, was examining Draco´s face trying to find an answer.

But what none of them knew was that Snape had watched the whole scene, and that unlike them, he didn't have a single doubt about Draco´s attitude. How could he? He had gone through the same thing some 20 years ago.


He closed his eyes, and images flew into his mind in a split second.

He saw himself standing in that same corridor with a parchment containing a very long essay that he was rereading, when he heard a girl crying her eyes out. He looked up to see who had distracted him from his reading. It was Lily. He returned to his reading, although he felt quite uncomfortable to just leave her there, sobbing inconsolably. Suddenly he saw a paper fall from her hands and he instinctively ran to pick it up. It was a Herbology test she had just flunked.

"Thanks" said Lily with a breaking voice and a shy smile on her face.

And it wasn't until that moment that Severus realized how beautiful Lily was, those green eyes had just enthralled him.

"Hey, don't worry, that test was really difficult" said Severus trying to cheer her up.

They stared at each other for a few seconds. Lily's cheeks were getting pinker. Suddenly a very loud gang of Ravenclaw girls, passed by their side, making Severus come back to earth.

"Well, the potions master will be here any second and I need to check my essay" said Severus. Lily nodded. "Bye" continued Severus

He went to his original spot, and started to reread his essay, but he could not concentrate. Had he just spoken to a mud-blood? Worst, did he like a Mud-Blood? But he was again distracted from his thoughts when he heard a voice rather unpleasant.

"Evans, is everything okay" it was James Potter and of course he was not alone, his inseparable gang was with him.

"Oh Potter, leave me alone" said Lily and she walked into the classroom as fast as she could

Severus smiled. He loved to see James being blown off by Lily. Severus never thought that someday, he would loose Lily to him.


OK Here we go again, I hope you liked it, personally this fic is my favourite, although I´ve only written 3, I´m still starting, so any advice is highly appreciated. It´ll take me some time to re-post because I want to check the story for spelling and grammar. It´s good to be back, have a very happy day! !!!

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From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.

"After all this time?"

"Always" said Snape

..:History Repeats Itself:.. ..:Never Say Never:....:An Unrequited Love:..

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It's excellent!! I love it!! PPMS!! Thx!!

Bratz Girl



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Are you going to stop there! How dare you!! J/J Anyways PLZ post more very soon!! I love it!!

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    A new day has come....

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The voice of the Gryffindors and Slytherins, who were approaching the classroom, made Snape come back to his senses. He had just started to take large and quick steps towards the classroom when he saw Harry, Hermione and Ron enter it. He also saw Crabbe and Goyle approach Draco with bewildered looks on their faces. And as he walked by their side he overheard Crabbe tell Draco:

"Do I have an eye problem or were you helping a mud-blood?"

Draco´s mind was racing for an answer. "Um, well... you know... Christmas is approaching and... well... we should help others even if they are mud-bloods" said Draco in a tone that tried to sound convincing.

"Christmas?!" said Goyle taken aback "Its mid-September!!"

Snape shook his head; in his opinion Draco had just given, the thickest answer he could think of.

"Yeah, that's why I said approaching" said Draco while he turned to enter the classroom. He didn't want Crabbe and Goyle to keep on inquiring him; he had enough questions in his head already.

Draco sat in his usual spot in the dungeon. He was hearing Snape´s voice but couldn't make a word out of it. His mind was just too overflowed with unanswered questions. He hated mud-bloods, right? Hermione is a mud-blood. Wait a second had he just thought of her as Hermione. No he corrected himself. Granger is a mud-blood. But then why had he helped her? Worst, why had he lost the precious opportunity to jinx her? His head started to hurt.

For some reason this questions were very overwhelming. Definitely there was something else going on his head and his heart.

With his arms crossed over his chest, Snape was watching Draco with the corner of his eye, then he set his eyes on Hermione and then back to Draco, trying to figure things out. Hermione didn't seem to be aware of Snape´s suspicious looks and neither did Draco, he was to busy following Hermione's moves. Hermione with her usual concentration was very busy mixing her own potion when all of the sudden she grabbed Harry's hand.

Judging for what he had just seen, Snape concluded that Harry was about to put the wrong ingredient in his potion, at the moment that Hermione grabbed his hand to stop him. Snape looked back to Draco, his face had a serene expression, but his eyes gave him away, they were reflecting jealousy.

The bell rang and everyone just burst out, including Draco. Snape couldn't say he was annoyed, after all he preferred the dungeon when it was quiet. But all of the sudden something caught his eye. Draco had left his Potion's book on the table. Snape rolled his eyes and stood up to put it away when something fell from it. At first he couldn't see what it was, so he knelt to pick it up. Maybe in other time this could have caused him heart attack, but now he saw no reason for Draco not to have a picture of Hermione.


The moving photograph was clearly a Yule Ball one. Hermione looked gorgeous on her periwinkle-blue robe, and her hair arranged in a knot at the back of her head just made her face look more beautiful. She was laughing heartily, she was clearly very happy.

Snape sighed. He had also kept a photo of Lily, in one of his books, more specifically in his DADA book; after all, that was his favourite subject. Picture that after all those years he still kept. He went back to his desk, took his wand out of his robe and aimed to a very small drawer.

"Avreverious" he yelled and the drawer opened without a single noise. Of course he had charmed that drawer with a stronger spell than Alohomora. No one, but Snape, knew what the drawer's contents were.

He took the photograph in his hands. After all those years he could still feel his heart pounding faster at the sight of Lily, even if it was only a photograph.

Lily was wearing her usual school robes but to Snape she just looked amazing. Her green eyes were glowing and she was laughing heartily while she took a beautiful shred of red hair out of her face. The only thing Snape regretted about that picture was that if Lily was laughing so cheerfully was because James was amusing her with a joke.

Snape hit the desk with his fist really hard. How had he lost her to James.

She really hated him. He had seen Lily blow James off at least a hundred times. One of those many moments happened in that very same dungeon.

Lily was mixing her potion when James approached her.

"So, will you go out with me Evans?" asked James hopefully

"Not in a million years Potter" answered Lily still looking at her potion.

"Come on, everyone would die to date Gryffindor´s Quidditch star" said James arrogantly

Lily looked at him. "You know, I was watching you practice the other day and a big question came into my mind"

"Which is" asked James looking confused.

"How come that big ego of yours hasn't thrown you off your broom" said Lily in a higher tone that made the whole class turn around and stare at them. James didn't answer he just stood there as if Lily had just cast them a "frozen spell"

But all of the sudden Snape realized one thing. Harry had never shown signs of liking Hermione or maybe he just hadn't noticed it. After all watching Harry was not a thing Snape liked to do. Snape sighed. He had just promised himself he would watch Harry more closely.


It was an unusually sunny day. Hogwarts grounds were crowded with students enjoying the warmth of the day. Snape was walking through the grounds when he saw Harry standing in the shade of the beech tree on the edge of the lake holding a long piece of parchment in his hand. Snape was about to ignore him until he saw Hermione approaching Harry. Snape took a deep breath, he had to watch Harry, he had promised himself that. So he walked back and positioned himself in a way in which neither Hermione or Harry could see him.

"Hermione, I'll never pass Herbology this guide is just... too much" Harry told Hermione in a desperate tone.

"I told you Herbology isn't a subject you can learn one day before the exam, why didn't you listen to me when I told you to begin studying two weeks ago" Hermione lectured Harry. Snape smiled to himself, Hermione reminded him a lot of himself when he was a student at Hogwarts. He, like Hermione was a know-it-all and studied for exams with weeks of anticipation.

"Let's see how much you know" said Hermione while she took the parchment out of Harry's hand. Harry began to walk nervously from side to side.

"Besides ornament which are the... Harry stop walking...Harry" Hermione had just grabbed Harry's hand to make him stand still. And in the moment he felt Hermione's hand touching his, something really strange happened his heart began to beat really fast and all of the sudden he was short of breath. But why? Why did he feel that way, the only thing Hermione had done was grab his hand.

Hermione looked back to the parchment "uses of mistletoe" Hermione finished. She looked up to Harry waiting for answer, but instead she found him looking at her mesmerized. Hermione could feel her cheeks go red. And as she looked at Harry's green eyes she could feel her heart starting to beat really fast, it was like a new feeling had just invaded it, a feeling that her head couldn't quite figure out.

"Hey, what's up" said Ron cheerfully

"Nothing" answered Hermione and Harry at the same time as they let go off each others hands

"Let's study then" said Ron but neither Hermione nor Harry seemed to have listened him, they were just staring at each other. Ron looked at Hermione, then at Harry, then back at Hermione.

"Its something wrong" Ron continued, this time Ron's voice seemed to have brought Hermione back to earth "No" she said as she broke her eye contact with Harry. "Let's study" she said as she looked back to the parchment.


"Reminds you of someone" said a voice behind Snape´s back. He jumped in surprise, and considering Snape´s temper, surprising him was not an easy thing to do. He turned around and saw that Dumbledore was behind him. Dumbledore had also been watching Harry and Hermione

"You are not the only one who has noticed the love triangle that has formed" said Dumbledore calmly while he looked at Draco, who had a distant look on his face and was sitting in the grass not far from Harry, Hermione and Ron.

"What triangle?" asked Snape trying to sound as if he didn't know what Dumbledore meant.

"One that resembles a lot to other that happened 20 years ago" said coolly Dumbledore.

"Yeah, well, I couldn't care less" said Snape looking at Dumbledore in the eye.

"Oh no... you care,... and a lot" said Dumbledore, who was the only one capable to see right through Snape.

"You need to let go off Lily's memory" said Dumbledore

"I did that, years ago" answered Snape, knowing in his heart that it wasn't true and that Dumbledore knew it too.

"Let them find their own way" continued Dumbledore while he looked at Harry and Hermione. Snape also looked at them.

"See you at lunch, Severus" finished Dumbledore and he walked away.

Snape walked slowly towards his dungeon, and a memory came to his mind. Only once before had Dumbledore caught him by surprise, some 20 years ago, suddenly he felt transported back in time, once again.

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From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.

"After all this time?"

"Always" said Snape

..:History Repeats Itself:.. ..:Never Say Never:....:An Unrequited Love:..



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Well it's about time! J/J Anyways it's really good! No it's GREAT!!! PPMS


~unwanted~ B)
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Very wonderful, great job :D Snape has emotion B) who would have guessed? :P I cant wait to hear more from you!


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From the shade of the beech tree on the edge of the lake Severus had been staring at Lily who was laughing with a group of friends nearby.

"You like her don't you" said a voice behind Severus, he jumped in surprise.

"What?" said as he turned to see Dumbledore who had been right behind him.

"You like Lily" said Dumbledore coolly.

"Me?.. Oh.. ¡no!" answered Snape who for some reason found Dumbledore's calmed eyes intimidating. "I mean, she is a mud... muggle-born"

"And what seems to be the problem" said Dumbledore.

"Well sir, I'm a pure-blood and I couldn't possibly..."said Severus sounding rather nervous

"But your heart disagrees with your head doesn't it" interrupted Dumbledore.

"It disagreed and a lot" Snape said to himself. He stopped and turned to see Draco, he could identify himself with the distant look on Draco´s face, he had been there too, trying to work out to whom you should listen your heart or your head.


And as he stood watching Draco trying to work out his feelings another memory came into his mind.

"Severus, Severus wait up" it was Lily voice. She looked as amazing as always. "Um... I was wondering if you could lend me your DADA study guide, I have a few doubts and... well I was wondering if I could borrow yours" said Lily sounding rather nervous.

Snape shook his head as he remembered that. "How could she not be nervous, to ask me anything, I had stop calling her filthy-little-mud-blood just a couple of months ago" said Snape to himself.

Insulting Lily was the thing he regretted the most, he had hurt her so many times. He felt so remorseful. His heart filled with love "I wish she could be here so I could ask for her forgiveness one more time." he told himself before returning to his memories.

Severus was to busy looking at her lovely green eyes, that he had completely missed out Lily's question. When Lily saw that Snape didn't answer she shrugged and said "Never mind, I'll ask Remus" and she turned to leave when Snape said

"No, I'm sorry, what was the question" said Snape apologetically.

"Can I borrow your DADA study guide" repeated Lily.

"Sure" said Severus, taking it out of his DADA book.

"Thanks" said Lily. In that moment the most unpleasant company arrived, of course, it was James Potter with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

"Your borrowing Snivellus´s DADA study guide" said James looking to what Lily had in her hands "but you don't need that" James continued as he looked up at Lily "you can ask me anything and I'll answer, see... I am an expert in fighting the Dark Arts" said James giving Snape a penetrating look.

"Yeah, the day you stop being a bigheaded Quidditch Player, I'll ask" said Lily with a voice that made her sound sure that she would never ask James anything.

"Yeah, that gave me a big relieve" said Snape to himself "There was something I was sure Potter would never do... stop being a snobbish and vain little jerk" he said to himself while he laughed sarcastically.

He never imagined that James would indeed someday change in order to win Lily's heart.

But once more he was immersed in his memories. "In the meanwhile" said James "I can give you a prove of how well I can fight Dark Arts" said James arrogantly "Snivellus here" continued while he pointed Severus "is a synonym of Dark Arts."

At this moment both James and Severus had their wands out.

"Sorry to interrupt" said Remus "I know that neither of you mind, but if you haven't noticed, we are standing right in front of the Staff Room, and Headmaster Dumbledore along with McGonagall and Flitwick are approaching us as we speak" said nervously Remus.

"Good morning gentlemen" said Dumbledore "Lady" continued Dumbledore as he turned to see Lily.

"Is there something wrong?" asked Dumbledore with a casual voice trying to diminish the importance of what was happening as he stared at James and Severus, who were by now aiming at each other.

"Nothing" said Severus.

"Then, why are your wands out?" said Dumbledore in a calmed voice. Reluctantly both James and Severus put their wands away.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Black" said McGonagall "Shouldn't you be serving detention with Mr. Filch" finished McGonagall reprovingly. Both Sirius and James directed Severus looks full of loath before they walked away.

"And you Mr. Lupin" continued McGonagall.

"I have a prefect meeting to attend" said Remus, and walked away as quickly as he could without running.

"Well, have a nice day, then" said Dumbledore to Severus and Lily, and walked away followed by McGonagall and Flitwick.

Severus was still looking at the direction, in which James and Sirius had just left, with a despising look on his face. When Lily asked him:

"You hate Potter don't you." Severus nodded.

"Don't you?" asked Severus trying not to sound too concerned about it.

"No, I don't hate him, I just think he's very conceited" said Lily.

This was not the answer that Severus expected, but at least she had not said she had a secret crush on him or something like that.

"He is not the only arrogant, his gang is too, they are all unbearable" continued Severus.

"Not Remus, he seems nice, I think his quite the opposite of James" said Lily.

"Don't be so sure" Severus said.

"Why, does he have some kind of dirty, little secret?" said Lily almost laughing. She could not think of Remus, as a person with a double life.

"You may say so" said Severus. Trying really hard to contain himself.

"Really" said Lily "Anything you can you tell me?" finished Lily curiously.

"Unfortunately not" said Severus, Thinking, that the only reason he had not told Lily yet about Remus being a werewolf was because he had promised Dumbledore he wouldn't and, Dumbledore's trust meant a great deal to him.

"That's a pity" said Lily "Well, bye and thanks. I'll give it back I promise" said Lily smiling at Severus. He could've just melted in front of that beautiful smile.

A broad smile appeared on Snape´s face, that kept all the way back to his dungeon. That was the way he wanted to remember Lily, smiling at him.


At lunch Snape could not take his eyes away from Ron, Harry and Hermione, who were sitting in the Gryffindor table, not very far from the Staff Table.

Harry, who was sitting next to Ron, was trying to learn his Herbology guide while Hermione who was sitting next to Harry was reading Hogwarts: A History.

"Hermione, haven't you read that book like a hundred times" said Ron.

Hermione just nodded without taking her eyes of the book, she was too absorted reading. Seeing that Hermione was not going to make any conversation, Ron took a toast and began to eat it when something strange caught his eye. Someone from the Slytherin Table was staring at Hermione.

It was no other than Draco Malfoy. Ron looked at Draco, then at Hermione, who didn't seem to have noticed it, she was to busy reading, then back to Malfoy, and suddenly comprehension dawned upon him.

"Harry" said Ron still astonished for what he had just discovered.

"Mmmm" said Harry without taking his eyes from the Herbology guide.

"I think Malfoy likes Hermione" said Ron looking at Harry. Harry looked up really quickly and looked at Malfoy with his eyes wide open.

"He knows" said Snape to himself as he looked at Harry's jealous look.

Ron had never seen Harry react that fast and also he had never seen Harry look at Malfoy jealously. Ron was astonished; he had just realized something else.

"You like her too" said Ron sounding incredulous. Harry turned to see Ron and gave him a penetrating look.

"I'm done" said Hermione while she closed the book. "Um, who do you like Harry?" said Hermione sounding intrigued.

"No one" said Harry hastily. Hermione looked at Harry with an inquiring look on her face, then turned to Ron who was trying really hard not to laugh.

"But I heard Ron, say..." continued Hermione.

"No, you didn't" interrupted Harry.

"Fine" said Hermione a little roughly, as she grabbed her book "See you in Potions" She started walking towards the library.

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From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.

"After all this time?"

"Always" said Snape

..:History Repeats Itself:.. ..:Never Say Never:....:An Unrequited Love:..



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This is getting really good!B)!! PPMS!:P!



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Hermione, Harry, Ron headed to their usual spots in the dungeon when Snape approached them, and he was not alone, once more Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle were with him.

"Crabbe, Potter,... that table" said Snape pointing to his left "Goyle, Weasley,... that table" pointing to his right.

"Malfoy, Granger..." started Snape.

"What? Why?" interrupted Harry looking bewildered. Snape turned and gave him an intimidating look.

"10 points less from Gryffindor, ask again Potter and it will be 50" said Snape with a despising tone.

"As I was saying" continued Snape ignoring the incredulous looks on all six of them "you two, in the table in front of my desk" All of them were so shocked that they didn't move.

"Now" barked Snape. That brought them back to their senses.

Snape started his class but Ron didn't listen, he was really worried, but this time it wasn't because he feared that Draco would offend Hermione, it was exactly the opposite that concerned him. He looked at Harry; he could see in his face that he was mad, very mad.

Hermione and Draco began to take out the ingredients for that day's potion with an awkward silence between them. They had never worked together before and to Hermione's surprise he hadn't insulted her so far, he had not even directed her a despising look.

"That's odd" Hermione whispered.

"Sorry" said Draco politely.

Hermione shook her head. "Malfoy is being civil" she thought. In that moment Snape beckon Draco, he approached Snape´s desk. Snape had in his hands Draco´s Potions Book.

"You have to hurry up" Snape whispered "he knows" continued Snape while he looked at Harry. Draco turned to see Harry and then back to Snape, and then to the book, and it wasn't until then that he realized what Snape meant. Draco grabbed the book and stared at Snape- he had received the message.

"And for goodness sake, be more careful" said Snape more loudly.

"Yes, sir" said Draco. And he walked back to the desk where Hermione was busy preparing her potion.

Draco began to prepare his own as well. Snape was right he had to act. He looked for a way to start a conversation. "School is probably the best subject, to do so" thought Draco.

"Hermione...am I pronouncing it right?" asked Draco with an unsure voice.

Hermione stopped in the act of mixing the contents of her cauldron and turned to see Draco. Had he just called her by her first name, and concerned about pronouncing it right!

"Yes" said Hermione.

"Which is the next ingredient we have to add, after elf's hair?" continued Draco, still with a friendly voice.

Hermione was about to yell at him, when she realized that he was actually being nice. "Any, that is the last ingredient, it's written on the blackboard" she pointed it out.

"Right" said Draco as he looked at the blackboard. "That was really thick" thought Draco. So he tried once more.

"You have never mixed the wrong ingredients in a potion, or have you?" said Draco casually, while he smiled at Hermione.

Hermione looked at him with a puzzled look on her face. Was he trying to make a conversation? "No, actually I have missed a couple of times. I once forgot to put the beetles in a Wit-Sharpening potion and another..."

Draco was to busy listening to Hermione, that he was about to put the wrong ingredient in his potion, when Hermione grabbed his hand to stop him. She was so used to stop Harry and Ron from putting wrong ingredients into their potions that it was more like an instinct movement. They looked at each other, Hermione had to admit that Draco had beautiful eyes, not as beautiful as Harry's, but still, they were quite attractive.

"Wait, till his father, hears about it, she's a mud-blood!!" said Milicent Bulstrode.

"I thought they were death enemies" said Parvati to Lavender with an incredulous look on her face.

"Yeah, me too" said Lavender completely astonished.

Snape smiled. Ron turned to see Harry's face... he was really angry. In that moment a big explosion was heard, Draco and Hermione broke their eye contact to see what had caused the explosion.

It had been Harry, he had put the wrong ingredient in his cauldron and it had just exploded. Snape´s smile was even broader; of course, he didn't miss the opportunity to scream at Harry and to take Gryffindor 50 points off.


One week after that, it was time for the first trip to Hogsmeade. Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall and Hagrid arrived at the Three Broomsticks, and ordered four butter beers, but by the time they arrived, Snape was once again immersed in his own memories.

This time he was staring at an empty table, just across their own. A table in which he had sat 20 years ago.

Severus was reading a DADA book, while he drank a butter beer when he heard a lovely voice talking to him.

"Do you mind if I seat here" said Lily shyly "There are no tables available."

"Please do" said Severus while he felt that his heart was going to come out of his chest.

"Thanks" said Lily while she smiled.

But Severus moment of joy didn't last long, a few minutes later he saw Potter's gang approach their table.

"I hope you don't mind if we seat here" said Sirius loftily while he, James, and Peter sat in the remaining chairs. Of course James sat at Lily's sides.

"So, what are you doing here with my girl, Snivellus" said James sharply.

"I'm not your girl" snapped Lily.

"But you will be" said James arrogantly.

"Get off me!!" said Lily. James had just put his arm around her shoulder.

"When will you go out with me Evans?" asked James staring at her green eyes that were looking back at him with an irritated look.

"Potter, I'm serious, if you don't get your arm off me, you'll regret it" said Lily crossly.

"What are you going to do?" asked James.

Lily answered him by throwing her butter beer in his face. She stood up and left the Three Broomsticks very angry. Severus was laughing really hard, while he held his wand under the table, with a really tight grip; he knew he would need it in matter of seconds. One moment later both him and James had their wands out, they were aiming at each other.

"Expelliarmus!!" yelled Severus and James´ wand flew out of his hand. Peter and Sirius took out their wands too, but they weren't fast enough.

"Rictusempra" yelled again Severus, and James hit the ceiling lamp before landing five tables ahead from the one they were originally sitting. The Three Broomsticks was now a complete chaos when...

"Severus, Severus are you with us" it was McGonagall's voice. He returned to his senses. "Yeah" said Snape.

"Are you all right" said McGonagall "You've been very absentminded lately"

"Yes, of course I'm all right" said Snape in an assuring voice and began to drink from his butter beer. He couldn't say why he had been thinking of Lily so much, lately every single place reminded him of her. After 20 years he hadn't been able to forget her.

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From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.

"After all this time?"

"Always" said Snape

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As a Sev/Lil shipper myself, I'm quite fond of this story. It's a pleasure to read.

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oh this is so good, i want to read more!
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Just found your fiction. Normally, I dont read romance but your has equal parts humour, suspense and romance. The conversation and internal discussion are very smoothly written. :P



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In that very moment, Snape saw Ron and Harry enter; they sat in a relatively far table, so Snape knew he wasn't going to be able to hear their conversation. Snape turned to see his companions, they seemed immersed in their own conversation, so he muttered a spell under his breath to make Harry's and Ron's voices sound louder, but only to him.

"Harry, I want to talk to you about something before Hermione and Ginny return from Flourish and Blotts" said Ron in a serious tone.

Suddenly Harry didn't feel like talking, but he reluctantly agreed.

"You like Hermione, don't you" said Ron with a serious tone.

"She is my best friend, of course I like her" said Harry. Ron rolled his eyes.

"You know what I mean" said Ron in an anxious tone.

"No, I don't like her in that way" said Harry trying very hard to avoid Ron's eyes.

"Really" said Ron "Because your face said otherwise when you saw her grabbing Malfoy´s hand in Potions class"

"He was grabbing the hand of someone that enjoys offending her" said Harry.

"Yeah, well in case you hadn't noticed, Malfoy has been very nice to her lately" said Ron while he chuckled. "So I guess you wouldn't mind, if he... you know...asked her out or something" finished Ron, anxious to see Harry's reaction.

"He won't" said Harry rather quickly, Ron chuckled again. "And besides, even if he did, Hermione would never accept, because he may have been nice to her lately but he had always thought of her as a... well you know. Malfoy will never change" finished Harry.

"Your father did" whispered Snape.

"What" said Hagrid.

"Nothing" said Snape quickly.

McGonagall looked at him worriedly "Severus, are you sure you're okay" she said sounding apprehensive.

"Don't worry about him" said Dumbledore "He's okay" finished Dumbledore while he looked at Severus.

"Ah... what a lovely coincidence" Lucius Malfoy had just entered the Three Broomsticks.

"I was planning to visit you tomorrow" said Lucius to Dumbledore. "I have an important issue to discuss with you."

"Please sit down" said Dumbledore politely. And while Lucius sat, Snape muttered the counter curse, he had heard enough.

"I've heard that Draco has been... how can I say it... with bad companies" said Lucius.

"Which are" said Dumbledore calmly.

"Well, you know that muggle-born, Granger" said Malfoy with a despising tone. Hagrid gave him a look full of loath.

"If you want to accept muggle-borns, which if I may say it's very inappropriate, well go ahead, but I don't want them near my son" finished Lucius.

"Well, if you're asking me to keep your son away from Ms. Granger, I am afraid I can't do that" answered Dumbledore coolly.

"Well, then, I'll have to ask the Head of Slytherin House" said Lucius as he turned to see Snape. "You're a pure blood, you understand"

He understood all right, a "good" upbringing had taught him that muggle-borns were to be loathed, but love had shown him otherwise, in a rather painful way, he may add.

He knew that Draco would someday regret as much as he did calling Hermione a mud-blood and he was not going to help increase that remorse, by deliberately keeping him away from Hermione.

"I think Lucius" said Snape calmly "that Draco is old enough to decide who his companies are." Lucius was taken aback, he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"Well if you excuse us" said Dumbledore "We have to return to Hogwarts" and all four of them stood up with Hagrid still looking at Lucius with deep despise.


As they walked back to Hogwarts, Snape could not help to be transported to the past, but far from pleasant memories.

Severus was walking around Hogsmeade, when he saw her.

There was Lily, her green eyes were glowing, a big smile on her face made her look even more beautiful, she was happy, very happy, but in his arms, in James arms.

They had been dating for five months, and they looked more in love than ever. James also beamed; he had waited for this moment ever since he laid eyes on Lily, finally his dream of having her as his girlfriend was a reality.

They were ordering a couple of ice-creams and while they waited for them to arrive, James had Lily's hand in his. She leaned over and kissed him and that was the "moment".

The moment that Severus decided it; he decided he would accept Lucius´s offer to join the Death Eaters. James had always said he was an expert in fighting the Dark Arts, well now he would have to prove it.


A couple of minutes after Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall, and Hagrid had left; Ginny and Hermione entered the Three Broomsticks.

"Hi, guys" said Hermione briskly, as she sat in front of Harry, Ginny sat next to her brother.

"You don't know how many new and interesting books are there" said Hermione to Harry.

"I brought you one, I'm sure you'll find it very, very interesting" said Hermione while she took out of the bag a book called "The Greatest Seekers, of all Times." In the moment that Harry grabbed the book he also touched Hermione's hand, Hermione looked up at Harry, he was looking at her completely captivated.

Ginny stared at them, was she imagining things or... she turned to see her brother, to see if he was seeing the same as her, Ron nodded. In that moment Ginny realized that she was completely over Harry, it didn't hurt her at all seeing him interested in Hermione, she even thought that they made a very good couple.

Finally Harry broke the eye contact. He opened the book and was looking to some of the moving pictures when he heard Hermione say

"They mention Viktor, after his spectacular catch in the last Quidditch Cup, how couldn't they." said Hermione sounding very excited.

Harry looked up and scowled. Ginny laughed, Harry immediately turned to see her.

"So Hermione, I need to buy some quills would you like to go with me to Scrivenshaft´s Quill Shop" said Ginny still smiling.

"Sure" said Hermione

"See you later guys" said Hermione as she and Ginny stood up.

The minute they were out of the Three Broomsticks Ginny asked Hermione.

"So when were you planning to tell me?"

"Tell you what?" said Hermione turning to see Ginny.

"About you and Harry, of course" said Ginny.

"I don't know what you mean" said Hermione.

"Oh come on Hermione its more than obvious, he fancies you!!" said Ginny briskly.

"No he doesn't" said Hermione.

"Yes he does" said Ginny.

"No he doesn't" said Hermione once more looking at Ginny.

"Yes he does" said Ginny sternly.

They were still discussing the matter when they turned the corner, that's the reason why Hermione didn't see Draco, and ran directly into him, he had a cup of coffee in his hand, coffee that he spilt all over Hermione's clothes.

"I am so, so sorry" said Draco apologetically "I didn't see you"

"That's okay, I was distracted too" said Hermione while she took her wand out, to take the stain of her clothes."

"No, please allow me" said Draco while he took his wand out.

Ginny was about to take her wand out too, she was sure that Draco was going to jinx Hermione.

"Straviarus" said Draco and Hermione's clothes were spotless.

Ginny couldn't believe her eyes. Had Draco just helped Hermione. There was an awkward silence among them.

"Well, see you later" said Draco at last. And he gave one last look to Hermione before he left. Ginny could've sworn that she had seen Draco´s cheeks go pink.

"Oh my God, he fancies you too" said Ginny when they were alone again.

"Who?" said Hermione. Ginny rolled her eyes, she couldn't believe that Hermione had just asked her that.

"Malfoy, who else" said Ginny

"Ginny No." said Hermione in a firm tone "There's no way Malfoy can fancy me."

"His eyes and attitude just said otherwise." said Ginny still amazed.

"No" said Hermione.

"Yes" said Ginny.

"No" said Hermione again.

"Who are you going to choose?" said Ginny smiling.

"No one, because neither of them fancy me" said Hermione starting to sound angry.

Ginny chuckled, but decided to drop the subject. They walked towards the store in silence.


A few days after, Harry, Hermione and Ron were standing in the Entrance Hall.

"Come on Hermione, come out with us, it's a really sunny day" said Ron.

"And besides, the books will still be here when we return" added Harry.

"Yes, but I need to finish that History of the Magic essay" said Hermione sternly.

"But we don't have to turn it in for another two weeks" said Ron starting to sound anxiously.

"No" said Hermione in a firm tone. Ron and Harry gave up.

"Fine, we'll see you later" said Harry sounding a little disappointed.

Both, Harry and Ron turned and were leaving the Entrance Hall when they saw a goblin pass them running as fast as he could with a wand in his hand. Hagrid passed them too a few seconds later, he was chasing the goblin.

Hermione was still standing in the Entrance Hall when the goblin entered; he was so mad that he directed the wand to the chandelier on the ceiling and muttered something, within a second the chandelier, that was exactly above from where Hermione was standing, started shaking really hard and getting loose.

"HERMIONE, WATCH OUT!!!!!!" screamed Hagrid when he entered the Entrance Hall.

Hermione turned to see the chandelier, suddenly everything seemed to be in slow motion, she could see the chandelier falling, she knew it would hit her in matter of seconds, she had to run, but her legs didn't respond her. Suddenly someone pushed her out of the way. She could feel herself falling, and as she was hitting the stone floor, she could hear the chandelier smashing into a million pieces.

When Ron and Harry heard Hagrid scream out Hermione's name they rushed back in. And they arrived just in time to see Hermione on the floor and the chandelier smashing into a million pieces, Harry approached Hermione, and as he did one of the pieces hit him in the face making him a deep cut on one of his cheeks, but he didn't care the only thing he wanted to see was, if Hermione was okay.

In that moment Snape rushed into the place too, and saw Harry with a cut on his face kneeling towards Hermione who was lying in the floor, and to her right, also lying in the floor, was the person who had pushed her out of the way, Draco Malfoy.

"Hermione are you okay?" said Harry sounding extremely worried as he saw Hermione raising her face. He could see that she had a very bad bruise in one of her cheeks. Hermione stared at Harry in a state of shock.

"I think it's broken" said Hermione as she rubbed her left wrist.

"Come on, lets take you to the Hospital Wing" said Ron also sounding rather worried. And both of them helped her to get on her feet, and as they did they looked at Draco who was also getting up from the floor. Draco was unharmed and wanted more than anything to accompany Hermione to the Hospital Wing, to see her recover, but he knew that was a job for her best friends. As they walked towards the Hospital Wing Hermione turned to see who had just saved her life, for some reason she wasn't surprised to see Draco, she smiled at him, he smiled back.

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From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.

"After all this time?"

"Always" said Snape

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It was really good!B) PPMS!!!
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Dumbledore appeared on the scene, the goblin started running once more but this time Hagrid was able to catch him.

"Take him to my office, I'll report his behaviour to Gringotts Bank" said Dumbledore trying to sound calmed. Hagrid walked away with the goblin trying really hard to break loose.

"Are you hurt?" asked Snape roughly to Draco. Snape was really worried but he didn't want to show it. Draco shook his head.

"Then go back to the Common Room" said Snape sharply.

Draco walked away and as he did Dumbledore got his wand out and aimed to the shattered chandelier.

"Reparo" he said, and the chandelier, was once again in its place. Then he turned to see Snape and smirked.

"I can see it in your face, Severus, you were really concerned about what could've happened" said Dumbledore coolly.

"Yeah, well, I don't want any students of my house to get hurt" said Snape firmly

"But you weren't only concerned for Draco´s well being, you were also concerned about Hermione, and you've got to admit, for Harry" said Dumbledore firmly.

Snape couldn't deny it, he had been rather worried not only for Draco but for Hermione too. He would never admit it, but he cared a lot about her, she always reminded him of his time as a Hogwarts student. And finally, yes, he had to admit that too, he became really concerned when he saw Harry's face cut.

He remembered when he first saw Harry arrive to Hogwarts, he couldn't believe it. Harry had inherited the thing he loved the most from Lily, her eyes.

Every time Snape saw Harry, he could see his beloved Lily, but he could also see James, the person he had hated the most, Harry's resemblance to him was amazing.

Snape had mixed feelings towards Harry, but did he hate Harry? No, he didn't. His resemblance to his father made Snape despise him sometimes, but he couldn't hate Harry, not ever, not even if he wanted too, because, after all, Harry was Lily's son.

Snape smirked. No one would ever imagine that the reason that made Snape go back to Dumbledore's side had been in fact- Harry.


He could still remember it as if it had happened yesterday. The moment he heard, he had no doubt left, he didn't belong to the Death Eaters anymore. He had to see Dumbledore; he had to warn him about the Dark Lord's plans.

He arrived at Hogwarts; McGonagall led him to Dumbledore's office. She looked at him distrustfully. She didn't understand why Dumbledore had agreed to meet him. She knew as well as Dumbledore that Severus had become a Death Eater at the end of his seventh year in Hogwarts.

"He'll be here in a couple of minutes" said McGonagall still looking at him suspiciously. He stared at the ceiling, he was ashamed, he felt he had betrayed Dumbledore and all the people that had once trusted him by joining the Death Eaters. "And all for a stupid attack of jealousy" he thought. A couple of minutes later Dumbledore walked in the office, McGonagall walked out.

"I apologize for my tardiness" said Dumbledore curtly "But I had a very important matter to attend" Dumbledore sat down and so did Severus.

"So, what can I do for you, Severus" said Dumbledore politely.

"Well sir, I... I..." began Snape sounding nervous but looking Dumbledore in the eye "I want to join the Order" he said finally, waiting to see Dumbledore surprised, but he looked as if he had been expecting it.

"And what made you change your mind, so radically?" asked Dumbledore looking at Severus in the eye.

"Well the Dark Lord is planning...is planning to go after the Potter's son" said Severus firmly.

"I see... Lily" said Dumbledore smiling "You still love her, don't you?"

"Yes" said Severus a little bit louder than he meant "And I don't want her or her son to be in any kind of danger"

"Even if he's James´ son too?" asked Dumbledore

"He's Lily's son and that's all that matters" said Severus. Dumbledore stared at him for a few minutes.

"Welcome, you're officially a member of The Order of the Phoenix" said Dumbledore beaming as he stretched out his hand, Snape shook it and smiled, he knew that Dumbledore had always been able to see right through him and that was why Dumbledore was sure that he was telling the truth.

"Now" continued Severus "I suggest an immediate use of the Fidelius Charm, I mean, if the secret of their whereabouts is hidden in the soul of one living person, then the Dark Lord will never be able to find them, unless the person chooses to divulge it, but of course the selected person has to swear he will never betrayed them." said Severus very quickly

"Relax, Severus, I know how the Fidelius Charm works, and I've already talked to James about it, he'll use it" said Dumbledore, but suddenly a worried look appeared on his face.

"And you will be the Potter's Secret-Keeper, right?" asked Severus, dreadful to hear a "no" for an answer. Dumbledore looked at Severus with a grave look on his face and shook his head.

"I offered, of course, but James said he already had the perfect person for that, he didn't told me who, but I'm guessing its Sirius Black"

"No" said Severus very quickly. Dumbledore looked at him questioningly.

"Someone very close to Potter has been informing the Dark Lord of their movements, I don't who, but I'm sure is one of the Marauders, and I wouldn't doubt for a second that the traitor is Black" said Severus with an angry look on his face.

"I've been suspecting for a while that there is a double-agent on our side" Dumbledore sighed "and I suspect too that it is someone close to James and Lily" said Dumbledore worriedly.

"Sir" said Severus as he looked up to Dumbledore "I want to be the Potter's Secret- Keeper" finished Severus very securely.

Dumbledore smirked. There was silence for a few minutes; Dumbledore was giving the matter some serious thinking.

"Are you sure?" said Dumbledore looking at Severus.

"Completely, sir" said Severus

"What love can do" said Dumbledore smiling again. "I would like that too" continued Dumbledore "But James... he will never... we have to give it a try." Dumbledore was silent for a minute or so. "Let me tell you what we're going to do, I'll schedule an appointment with him tomorrow, and I want you to be here too, we need to convince him." Severus nodded.

Seeing James after all those years was not something he looked forward to, but it was Lily's son who was at risk.


When he arrived at Hogwarts the next day, he was about to enter the Entrance Hall, when he heard a lovely voice.

"See Harry, in that big lake there's a giant squid"

Severus turned and saw Lily holding one-year-old Harry in her right hand and pointing the lake with her left hand. He could feel his heart beating faster, she still looked as beautiful as the last time he saw her, some five years ago.

Lily turned, Severus hid himself. The autumn air only made her long red hair look more beautiful, her green-eyes were glowing as she looked at her son with an endearing smile. She was happy, very happy.

"And you'll come here to Hogwarts, and you'll make lots of friends" said Lily. Harry began to cry.

"Don't worry, that won't happen for another ten years" said Lily and she began to sing Harry a lullaby, in a few minutes Harry was quiet again. Severus had never heard Lily sing, she sang just beautifully.

"And see that" Lily now pointed the beech tree by the lake "it was under the shadow of that tree that your daddy first asked me out... well the first time he asked and that I said yes" said Lily while she chuckled.

"See, at first I didn't like your daddy very much, but now I love him very much and I love you" said Lily while she kissed her son.

"She's happy with him" thought Severus. "That's the least Potter could do, to make her happy." Severus looked at her one last time before going to Dumbledore's office. He looked at her without knowing that, it would be the last time he would see his beloved Lily.


Severus was about to knock on the door when he heard the distinctive voice of James, who apparently was not to happy to hear what Dumbledore had just told him.

"He wants what???" said James completely incredulous.

"He wants to be your Secret-Keeper" said Dumbledore coolly. James looked at him, completely astonished.

"And what makes you think we can trust him?" asked James in an attempt to make Dumbledore come back to his senses.

"I just know" said Dumbledore.

"Dumbledore, with all due respect, I think you're making a huge, huge mistake, by letting him enter the Order" said James trying to keep his voice even.

"I can assure you, it's not a mistake, let him be your Secret-Keeper" insisted Dumbledore.

"Dumbledore, I'm sure that the person he is most eager to sell to Voldemort is me, he hates me" said James sounding anxious. Behind the door Severus quivered at the sound of the Dark Lord's name. James took a deep breath "Although I can't blame him, we did our best to make his life hell" said James sounding guilty. Severus smiled.

"Still, he won't betray you" persisted Dumbledore.

"Give me one reason why he won't" said James anxiously. Severus held his breath; he didn't want James to know he loved Lily.

"You saved his live, didn't you?" said Dumbledore. Severus was relieved.

"Yeah, well, that would have not been necessary, if Sirius hadn't told him how to get into the Whomping Willow in the first place" said James. Severus smiled again and knocked, it was time to have a few words with James.

Posted Image

From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.

"After all this time?"

"Always" said Snape

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That was really good. It's really sad that serverus had to see Lily for the last time. The way he loved her is magical. PPMS!^_^ I would like to read more on draco and Hermione.
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"Come in" said Dumbledore. James turned to face Severus.

"Well, well, well... James Potter. Long time, no see" said Severus.

"You're right, the last time I saw you, was at school... oh wait... I'm wrong the last time I saw you, you were with Malfoy and how do you call him... the Dark Lord" said James.

They looked at each other with despising looks on their faces.

"Cool it." said Dumbledore firmly "You're not a couple of fifteen-year-olds, your adult and reasonable men."

"Now, as we were discussing, I think there's a double-agent on our side" said Dumbledore looking at them. "And until we know who is he I strongly suggest" he looked at James "that you take Severus as your Secret-Keeper"

"Well" said James as he turned to see Severus "since you're a Death Eater I suppose you can tell us who the double agent is" finished James sharply.

"I don't know who, but is someone close to you" said Severus earnestly.

"How can you be so sure?" asked James roughly.

"Because he knows all your movements, and I can bet that the only people that know you're movements are the Marauders" said Severus sharply.

James thought about it for a moment, what Severus was saying was true, but it couldn't be? It was simply impossible; there was no way that any of them could be betraying him. They've been friends for more than ten years. They've been together in both the good and the bad times. None of them could be capable of stab him in the back.

"Still, I don't think I can trust you?" said James in a more even voice.

"You will have too" said Severus.

"Really, give me one reason" said James as he looked to Severus in the eye.

"You saved my life, let me repay" said Severus.

James laughed; Dumbledore looked at him reprovingly.

"You can't be serious" said James

"Why not?" asked Severus

"Because I know you positively hate me" said James. Severus couldn't deny it.

"See, I prefer to trust my life to Sirius, I know he would rather die than tell about my whereabouts"

"Someone is betraying you and I don't doubt that's Black" said Severus starting to loose control.

"Since when you care so much about my life" said James ready to laugh

"It's also Lily's life we're talking about!!" yelled Severus. He hadn't meant to say it like that; it just burst out.

James who had been about to laugh, had a bewildered look on his face. Severus, for the first time in his life, was avoiding James eyes.

"Lily" repeated James "since when do you care..." suddenly comprehension dawned upon him, he turned to see Dumbledore who nodded, then back to Severus "You love her, don't you?" said James completely astonished. "Since when have you liked her?" asked James

"That's not important" said Severus in a lower voice.

"The important thing is that the Dark Lord is after your son and someone is double-crossing you" he said in a higher tone.

"You're right" said James. "It's Lily's and my son's lives the one at risk, and that is precisely why I'm going to perform the Fidelius Charm on someone who would never, never, double-cross me, who I am absolutely sure would rather die before betraying me" finished James firmly.

James turned to see Dumbledore "I'm sorry Dumbledore, I'm going to perform the Fidelius Charm on Sirius tonight."

James gave one last look at Severus before departing.

"He's signing his own death sentence, along with Lily's and his son" said Severus anxiously after James left.

"Not necessarily" said Dumbledore trying not to sound to concerned "We still don't know who the traitor is" continued Dumbledore "and that Severus... will be your job"

Severus nodded. He had to do it; Lily's life depended on it. He knew that both Lily and James would die before giving up their son. He had to unmask the traitor before it was too late. And failing at it was something he would never forgive himself.

That was the last time both him and Dumbledore saw James, within a week both James and Lily were dead, Voldemort had been defeated and one-year-old Harry had become "The Boy Who Lived".

"I know what you're thinking" said Dumbledore, who was able to read Snape´s mind. "It wasn't your fault; there was no way that any of us could've known."

Dumbledore patted Snape on the shoulder, he turned and smiled. Then both of them walked towards Dumbledore's office, they had a goblin to report.


The day after the chandelier incident, Hermione was laying on one of the Hospital Wing's beds, looking at the ceiling and thinking, but not in the essay she had to turn in for Mr Binns, or about the Potions test she would be taking in a couple of days, but in Harry and of course... Draco. Was there any chance that Ginny could be right? And if Ginny was right what she was going to do? She was asking herself that when she heard Harry and Ron arrive.

"Hi Hermione" said Ron .

"Hi Ron, Harry" said Hermione while she sat down on the bed.

"Oh thanks, Harry they're beautiful" said Hermione. Harry had just given her a couple of blue roses.

"When you're getting out of the hospital?" asked Ron.

"Madame Pomfrey, says I will be able to leave tomorrow" said Hermione while she looked at Ron, suddenly she felt Harry hold her hand, and her heart just started pounding faster.

"Hermione, don't you ever scare Ron and I like that again" said Harry who still had a worried look on his face.

Hermione sighed, Harry had just said "Ron and I" although he was holding her hand.

"How is your face, you had a cut" asked Hermione

"Oh" said Harry touching the spot where the cut had been "Madame Pomfrey fixed it in a minute. Although I would've liked to stay in the Hospital Wing... you know... to be with you."

Hermione could feel herself blushing and next thing she knew Harry was hugging her and she had to admit that in his arms she felt really secure. Ron just stared at them while he chuckled. When Harry released her from their hug, more questions just flew into her head.

"We'll see you tomorrow then" said Harry. Hermione nodded.

So, when Ron and Harry left, Hermione immersed herself, once more, in her own thoughts, in her unanswered questions. Did she have feelings for Harry? Did she like Harry in a more-than-friends kind of way? Was it possible that Harry liked her too? She was trying to figure this out when another familiar voice distracted her from her thoughts.

"Hi Hermione" said Draco sounding nervous.

"Hi" said Hermione with a shy smile on her face.

Draco turned and saw the vase that was on the table next to Hermione's bed, it had a couple of beautiful blue roses in it. "And those" said Draco unable to hide his jealousy.

Hermione turned to see them too "Harry brought them to me" she said.

Draco felt a twinge of jealousy invade his body, he was trying really hard to hide it, but he wasn't succeeding.

"I'll be out of the hospital, tomorrow" said Hermione to break the awkward silence between them.

"I'm glad" said Draco while he smiled at her, Hermione couldn't help blushing.

"Well...then I guess... I'll see you tomorrow" said Draco and he started to walk towards the door. He was about to leave the Hospital Wing when he heard Hermione call his name out, his heart jumped in excitement, he turned to see her.

"Thanks" said Hermione earnestly. He smiled once more before leaving. Hermione blushed even more.

After Draco left, Hermione was utterly confused, she could see clearly, that Draco had a crush on her, she couldn't deny it anymore. But that wasn't the thing that was bothering her; the question that bothered her was if the feeling was mutual? Did she have feelings for him? Why had she blushed when he smiled at her? But if she had feelings for him, then why had she felt like if her heart was going to come out of her heart when Harry held her hand? "This is difficult, very difficult" she thought.


Draco left the Hospital Wing, with his heart jumping of happiness and a broad smile in his face that faded when he saw Snape beckoning him looking angry, very angry.

"I knew you'll be here" said Snape.

Draco looked confused, how come had Snape known that he would be there, when he himself had trouble figuring out whether to come or not.

"Could you explain me why didn't you use your wand, what do you think wands are for, why do you think you have it, why do you think you attend classes, you could've died!!" said Snape sharply.

Draco was puzzled he didn't understand what Snape meant by that.

"A use of the "Leshvika" spell would have been enough to stop the chandelier from falling, instead of putting yourself and Granger into a very unnecessary risk" finished Snape sounding cross.

He knew that, but in that moment his mind just went blank, the fear had invaded his body in such a way that he reacted instinctively.

"Well...sir... I just...didn't think... saw her there..." Snape rolled his eyes, in response to Draco´s inability to explain himself.

Draco closed his eyes for a second to allow ideas to fall into place. "My mind froze... I couldn't think of anything... I just saw her standing there and the chandelier falling... I reacted instinctively... I didn't want her to suffer any harm" said Draco earnestly and shaking slightly as he remembered the terror that had invaded his body when he saw the chandelier falling over Hermione.

Snape took a deep breath, before continuing "Look, I know you have feelings for her" said Snape in a more calmed voice, Draco who had never expected Snape to say something like that, looked at him with a penetrating look, and considering Snape´s temper that was a very, very dangerous thing to do.

"Beg your pardon" said Draco still looking at Snape.

"That's more than obvious" said Snape roughly while he looked back to Draco with a rather cold look in his eyes.

"Obvious, am I obvious?" said Draco sounding perplex.

"That's not the point" barked Snape "The point is that kind of little things are the ones that can get people killed, you understand me, you must not allow falters like that" said Snape sounding both mad and concerned.

Although Snape had said that in a pretty high tone, Draco had not listened a word of it, he was too terrified thinking that someone else could've noticed that he, a pure-blood, the only heir to the Malfoy Family liked a mud-blood like Hermione.

"Do you understand me?!" repeated Snape.

Draco nodded, about something he didn't even understand. Draco walked slowly towards the Slytherin Common Room for some reason; he didn't feel like getting there.

Snape, who walked in the opposite direction, took a deep breath as he thought that it was a good thing to shake Draco back to reality, and make him realize that he had to admit his feelings for Hermione when he still had the chance, a chance he had lost.


Lily was walking through the grounds when she heard someone calling her name, she turned and saw Severus approaching her.

"Lily, you forgot your History of the Magic book" said Severus who was now standing in front of Lily.

"Oh, thanks" said Lily while she grabbed the book "The class was so boring that I simply forgot it" said Lily casually. Severus was admiring Lily's beautiful red hair when he heard a third voice.

"Hi" said Remus.

Within a second Severus had his wand out and was pointing it directly to Remus.

"I come in peace, Severus" said Remus.

Severus lowered his wand but still had a tight grip on it.

"I just want to have a word with Lily" said Remus casually. Severus heard him, but still didn't move an inch and was looking at Remus with a despise look on his face.

"Um... Alone... if you don't mind" said Remus while he directed a smile to Severus, this only made him angrier, but he managed to hide it pretty well and walked away, but not very far, in fact he was close enough to listen.

"Lily... um... well... see" Remus was starting to sound nervous "James will ask you out tomorrow." Lily was about to interrupt him, when he continued. "I know that this is nothing new to you, he has asked you... a hundred times... maybe and well... not in the most proper manners, I must add" Lily smiled. "But Lily" he continued in a serious tone "He's changed, you don't know how much, he no longer hexes people for the pleasure of doing it, and you're not going to believe it... he has been able to keep himself out of detention for a month... a whole month." Both Lily and Remus laughed. "And most of all, he has stopped being the bigheaded Quidditch-Player who likes to show off every time he can. He's reformed, and you don't know how difficult is to reform a Marauder, and he's done it for you, because he loves you, he doesn't have just... some crush on you... he loves you very much"

"But" Lily interrupted

"Well, I know he has had a funny way of showing it, but believe me, the only thing capable of reforming him is his love for you"

Lily was lost for words, that was the last thing she had expected Remus to tell her.

"Think about it, think about what I told you" said Remus

"Um... does James know that... you've talked to me" asked Lily sounding nervous.

Remus shook his head and walked away. Lily was puzzled, she didn't know what to think or do. On the other hand Severus was sure that what Remus had just told her couldn't be true. Severus was convinced that James would never change. His hatred towards James made him blind to see that in fact what Remus had told Lily was completely true.


Hi Guys How are you doing? I hope you are having a wonderful time as I am. I just wanted to thank everyone for their reviews. And wish a very, very happy day!!! :angry:

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From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.

"After all this time?"

"Always" said Snape

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This is really really good, a¡I couldn't stop to think about the continuing since I read it for the first time, I mean last friday!! :wub:

Please continue!!
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The next day Severus was walking through Hogwarts grounds when he saw Lily and James under the shadow of the beach tree, he approached the tree and positoned himself in a way that neither of them could see him.

"Lily... I... just... well I was wandering..." James was nervous. He wandered why did he feel so nervous, he had asked Lily out a millions times before this one, maybe, because he was positively sure that his heart would break into a million pieces if she said "no," he wanted a chance so badly.

"Would you, please... go out with me" said James as he timidly held her hand.

Lily couldn't believe it, before her eyes was James, but not the arrogant James who liked to show off every time he could, but a nervous James who was timidly holding her hand. Lily looked into his hazel eyes who were pleadingly asking her to say "yes," Maybe, Remus was right, maybe James had indeed changed.

"Yes, I'll give you a chance" said Lily smiling. James eyes glowed, his heart jumped in happiness he had never felt so happy in his whole life, the girl of his dreams, the girl he had liked since the very first time he saw her, the girl for whom he had had sleepless nights, had just said "yes."

"Thank you" said James "You tell me day, the time, where do you want to go, what do you want to do..." he was talking really, really fast. Lily chuckled.

On the other hand Severus heart had been about to stop when he heard Lily say yes, and the minute he was able to think again, he convinced himself that even if Lily had said yes, that didn't mean anything, he was sure that she would be more disappointed after their first date because there was no way James could've changed.

Maybe it would have hurt less, a lot less, if she had fallen for someone else, but seeing her fall for James, his number one enemy, hit him hard and made him take the decision he would regret the most, joining the Death Eaters.


A week later, Hermione was in the library, she was about to begin the essay she had intended to write the day the chandelier almost fell on her.

She was sitting in the library with "Goblins riots in the eighteenth century" opened, a roll of parchment, her inkpot and a quill ready to use the second she found some useful information, when she heard someone sit beside her, she turned her head, Draco was staring at her.

"Hi" she whispered looking back to the book. This was the first time she saw Draco since the time he visited her in the Hospital Wing. She had been carefully avoiding him, running out of classes which Gryffindor and Slytherin shared, as soon as the bell rang, leaving a puzzled Ron and Harry behind her.

"Hi" whispered Draco back "So... um... how are you doing, I haven't seen you a lot you always run out of classes... as if you were avoiding me"

"I haven't" said Hermione rather quickly and a little bit loud, the librarian, who was the only one there, reprehended her.

"I just..." whispered Hermione, she was thinking of something to say, while she avoided Draco´s eyes. "Had a lot of work with the N.E.W.T.S coming"

"Hermione, we won't be taking those until next year" said Draco a little bit surprised. He never thought she would make up an excuse like that.

"Yeah, well, you don't know me" said Hermione a little bit more roughly than she meant. She looked at him for a second and then went back to her book.

"I know you enough, to see that you're a very pretty girl" said Draco while he stared at her.

Hermione looked up, and thought for herself "Really, when did I stop being a mud-blood" but she didn't say a word, he was getting closer to her, and the closer he was, the more nervous she became, she didn't make a move, watching for what was about to happen, but... did she wanted too.


M.e.R.r.Y. c.H.r.I.s.T.m.A.s

To all my fellow Snitchers

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From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.

"After all this time?"

"Always" said Snape

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This is going to kick up a racket (I'm not sure if it's correct) but someone needs to act immediately :D :P

I'm glad you post again!!

Merry Christmas!! ;)
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My god Eilish....this is amazing.

To tell u the truth I used (please note the past tense) to not read any hermione romance fics before but in ur title there was snape and history repeating and my brain was going Lily nd Snape. Lily nd Snape. :D and so i thought ill just bear with hermione i guess but can u imagine what i found out??!?!??!


well i found out that bearing wasn't an option coz i love this story it is really clever. i love the flashbacks seeing lily nd james nd remus nd sirius nd all and then the twist with draco and harry and ooowowwweee.. when can u write more? lol

im really glad that u branched out to fanfiction this is really good! super good.

gawd nd draco about to kiss hermy? HARRYS HERMY? goodness....actually im a draco hermione semi shipper so what am i saying...but Harrys Hermy? ,,,

ok well now that ive probably successfully scared u im off to watch a movie...on my computer...because there is nothing else to do at 12:11am.....dont ask why im up....coz i dont know.... :wub:


luv mm2

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OMG. that was amazing!! I always thought it would be interesting if draco everfell for hermione, but i thought i was the only one. I just wish it would have kept going i was really into it. :wub:



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She arrived back to the common room, to find Ron and Harry playing wizard chess.

"Check mate" Ron said happily.

"He has beaten me three times in a row" said Harry turning to see Hermione who seemed to be a little a bit tense.

"You'll have to practice more then" said Hermione. She looked at Harry for a second and then stared at the floor.

"I'm going to bed" said Hermione hastily and then headed to the stairs of the girls dorms, when Ron called her. She really didn't feel like answering but she had to, she couldn't just leave him there.

"Yes" said Hermione in the nicest way she could.

"Could you please lend me your History of the Magic essay" said Ron "I know that I should do it by myself" added Ron hurriedly, to save Hermione her well known lecture about homework "do it yourself... that's the only way you can learn" "but face it, what is the practical use of History of the Magic" said Ron hoping to convince her.

"Er... I didn't do it" said Hermione sounding uncomfortable.

"Hey, if you don't want to lend it to me, fine, but don't lie" said Ron crossly.

"I didn't lie" said Hermione defensively, before realizing it would've been better to just let them believe that she didn't want Ron to borrow it.

"Then what have you been doing for the last three hours?" said Harry intrigued.

Hermione looked for an answer, while she avoided both Harry's and Ron's eyes. "I was reading" she said finally and turned to take the stairs.

"Reading what?" asked Ron. Hermione rolled her eyes before turning to face them; she really wanted to go upstairs.

"Some books I'm sure you haven't even heard off" said Hermione sounding more secure. "Now if you two don't have any more questions, I'm going to bed" she snapped at them and turned to climb the stairs, she was relieved not to hear her name called out again.


The next day, a sunny Saturday, Hermione entered the library with the firm intention to write that essay. She picked "Goblins riots in the eighteenth century" from the bookshelf, and was looking where to sit, the library was unusually crowded, when she spotted Ginny reading absorbedly from a book.

"Hi" Hermione whispered to Ginny.

Ginny didn't answer she was caught up in her reading; it wasn't until Hermione sat down besides her that she noticed her.

"Hi" said Ginny as she looked up to Hermione "I'm sorry, it's just that we have this test on Monday, and I keep mixing the uses of algae, bat's blood, and mandrakes, they are all so different" said Ginny as quietly as she could but sounding worried.

Hermione smiled. "Don't worry you still have tomorrow to study." said Hermione. Ginny nodded as she looked back to her book, Hermione also opened her book and soon her quill was speeding through the parchment.

"I'm going to get another book" said Hermione quietly after a while. Ginny looked up to Hermione who stood up very fast, so fast that she collided with someone... no other than Draco Malfoy.

"Hi" said Hermione while she looked awkwardly at Draco. He looked back at her but just for a second. Then both of them looked away, Hermione gazed at the bookshelves and Draco to the table. Ginny stared at Hermione who had a nervous grip on her book.

"I'm here... you know... the essay" stuttered Draco, his cheeks were starting to go pink. Ginny turned to see Draco; she was perplexed she had never heard him stutter.

"Yeah, well... I was going to..." Hermione pointed the bookshelves "grab a book" she finished sounding really uneasy and completely red in the face. They looked again at each other but just for another split second before looking away, they seemed to feel very uncomfortable with each other.

"Sure, of course" said Draco who had blushed scarlet, this made Ginny mouth fell open she had never seen Draco blush, at the most his cheeks had gone pink but never blushed.

Hermione looked once more at Draco and then stared at the floor. Once instant after she headed to the bookshelves. Draco headed to the opposite direction while he shook his head.

Ginny's was startled, what had that been all about; she would not rest until she found out. She turned to see Hermione standing in front of one of the bookshelves, she was taking her time in picking up a book, she didn't really feel like going back, she knew that Ginny would start questioning her.

"Spill it" said Ginny in a low but firm tone, when she saw Hermione arrive still very red in the face.

"Spill what" said Hermione while she opened her book; she was carefully avoiding Ginny?s eyes.

"You and Malfoy" said Ginny firmly; she was having trouble in keeping her voice low.

"I don't know what you mean" said Hermione pretending to read her book.

Ginny frowned while she gazed intently at Hermione. What was Hermione hiding from her? Hermione could feel Ginny's eyes interrogating her and she didn't like it, she somehow knew that Ginny would unravel the "big mystery" in matter of seconds.

"You kissed him!!!" said Ginny in a really high tone in a completely silent library. Within a second every eye was set on them. Draco hid himself behind the book he had just grabbed, Ginny hadn't mentioned his name and he wasn't going to give it away by blushing even more. Hermione stared at Ginny with a look of utter terror on her face.

"I can't believe it" said Ginny louder than before. Apparently she hadn't noticed that the whole library was staring at them and were starting to whisper. Hermione grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the library.



Celebrating my first year at the snitch!!! :P

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From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.

"After all this time?"

"Always" said Snape

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hehe ginnys so cute!

poor hermy though...draco harry draco harry? teen crisis for her there.

oh well. great work again eilish.

keep it up
luv mm2

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Hermione didn't let go of Ginny's arm until they were from a considerable distance from the library door, and of course out of sight of anyone else.

"Shhhh!:P" said Hermione as she put her finger in her mouth. It wasn't until then that Ginny realized that she had spoken a lot more loudly than convenient.

"Sorry" said Ginny. "So it's true?" continued Ginny who still was staring at Hermione with her eyes wide open, she didn't want to miss any part of her reaction.

Hermione turned nervously to see if no one approached them. Then looked at Ginny for a second and stared at the floor while she nodded. Ginny looked avidly at Hermione, waiting for her to say something, but Hermione just stared at the floor.

"So..." said Ginny waiting for Hermione to complete.

"So what?" asked Hermione looking up to Ginny.

"What happened? I want to know all about it!" said Ginny anxiously.

"Well... there's not much to know... I was in the library... I was going to write the essay... when he sat beside me..."

"And..." said Ginny encouraging Hermione to talk faster.

"We began to talk...and he said that I was... I was very pretty..." Hermione was blushing scarlet as she said that "and then... he leaned over and... well... kissed me"

"And you kissed him back?" asked Ginny briskly

Hermione nodded, she was completely red by now.

"So it's Draco... the one you like?" asked Ginny.

"No" replied Hermione instinctively.

"Then, it has to be Harry" said Ginny pretty sure that Hermione would give her a "yes" for an answer

"No" replied Hermione again instinctively.

"Neither of them?" asked Ginny sounding intrigued.

"No" replied Hermione, this time she thought her answer before actually saying it.

"You're messing with my mind, here" said Ginny anxiously.

Hermione began playing with her hands, she seemed really nervous, she looked once more to see if no one was hearing to their conversation.

"Well..." started Hermione.

"Well what?...." Ginny was completely exasperated by now "Come on Hermione, just tell me."

Hermione looked at her while she thought "I wish it was that easy." Her eyes began moving from one place to another, they didn't stand still. "I kind of have some... feelings... for one of them" she finished sounding more nervous than ever.

Hermione looked up at Ginny's expression of curiosity.

"Who is..." said Ginny. It seemed as if Ginny had to pull the words out of Hermione's mouth.

Hermione opened her mouth but not sound came out of it, she wanted to tell her, she wanted to take that of her chest, she wanted to share it, but her mind didn't seem to be connected with her mouth.

"You're killing me here" said Ginny exasperated.

Hermione tried once more, but it was like if she had a knot in her throat that would not allow any sound come out of it. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath; she was going to tell Ginny, she opened her mouth with the firm intention to say a name.

Posted Image

From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.

"After all this time?"

"Always" said Snape

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eeeeeee!!!i cant wait to read the next one. good work!!!



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ooh..who is it???C'mon!! I hope it's Harry..can't wait!
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Yeah, I ship H/Hr. You've got a problem with that?




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Oh my...! You're killing me!! Who is it?? :lol:

Just one word: Excellent!
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your killen me here. i cant wait to keep reading. PLEASE post soon. ^_^



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"We're back" said a voice behind Hermione. She jumped in surprise and turned to see Ron and Harry behind her, she could feel the adrenaline running through her body, what would've happened if she had actually said the name, Hermione felt that her heart was going to stop, it was beating extremely fast. On the other hand Ginny rolled her eyes when she saw them arrive.

"What do you want?" asked Ginny roughly, she couldn't believe they had been interrupted in that exact moment.

"Not happy to see me, sis?" asked Ron, while Harry stared at Hermione wandering why was she so red in the face. Hermione tried to avoid Harry's eyes by looking at Ginny, who rolled her eyes once more.

"I see not" said Ron "Harry and I finished Quidditch Practice, and since is almost lunch-time we came to get you so we can go all together to the Great Hall."

"We're not hungry" replied Ginny anxious to resume her conversation with Hermione.

A gang of Ravenclaw students left the library and as they passed Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny, they began to whisper and to give Hermione furtive looks. Harry frowned as he turned to see Hermione, who, was once again playing nervously with her hands. Hermione soon realized that since it was lunch-time more people would be coming out soon, and standing there was not a good idea.

"Actually we are" said Hermione trying to avoid the inquiring looks on both Harry and Ron faces.

"But..." protested Ginny, Hermione turned and gave her a penetrating look; Ginny got the message and didn't continue.

"Fine, I'll go get our stuff" said Ginny sadly. Hermione had dragged her out so quickly that they both have left their parchments, inkpots and quills inside the library. She had already started to walk when Hermione grabbed her arm.

"No, I'll go get them" said Hermione looking a little bit scared. She didn't want to go back to the library, but she preferred that rather than standing alone with Ron and Harry staring at her and probably asking her questions that she was not planning to answer.

When Hermione went inside the library, everything was silent, so in the quietest way se could, she tried to approach the table in which she and Ginny had been sitting... the table seemed to be a hundred miles away.

But inevitably she made some noise while she rolled the parchments, and some students turned their heads and started to whisper again. Hermione shook her head. As she walked back to the door, she saw Draco having some kind of quiet row with Crabbe, so he didn't see her re-enter the library. As Hermione approached Harry, Ginny and Ron she heard Harry ask Ginny in a despaired tone.

"But, what were you talking about?"

"I've already told you... girl stuff" said Ginny.

Harry was about to open his mouth again, but stopped when he saw Hermione arrive. They all walked in silence towards the Great Hall, Hermione staring at the floor, and Harry staring at her.


When they arrived to the Great Hall, Hermione sat beside Ron, and Ginny beside her, to Harry's unfortunate luck. He wanted to know really badly what was making Hermione seem so tense. Soon the tables started to fill and conversations were heard everywhere. But the four of them ate quietly, even though, both Ron and Harry tried to interrogate Hermione, but they were stopped by Ginny's intimidating looks. Hermione was starting to relax, after all, no one seemed to know what had really happened between Draco and her, only Ginny knew it and she was not going to tell anyone else, she could not bear thinking how her fellow Gryffindors would react.

Hermione was eating a toast when suddenly something caught her attention; an unknown owl had just entered. "That's odd; it's not time for mail" she thought. She saw the owl approach the Slytherin table and give something to Draco, she could not see very clearly what it was, so she stretched her neck, and she didn't like what she saw, her instincts told her that Draco receiving a howler was not a good thing.

Draco opened it immediately; he had no choice, he knew that even if he didn't open it, the howler would open by itself. At this moment the whole Slytherin table was watching, well, not all of it, Crabbe and Goyle were still too busy eating. Some others turned to see him, but the howler had not exactly caught the attention of the whole school, Hermione could still hear some conversations around her, but of course Harry and Ron were not participating of any chat Draco and his howler had all their attention, they knew too that it wasn't a good thing for him and they were anticipating Draco's bad moment, with a great smile in their faces, for them it was going to be one of the best moments of their lives... or so they thought.

HOW COULD YOU!^_^ YOU'VE DISHONOURED US!! It was the voice of Draco's mother, Narcissa. Both Harry and Ron laughed and they reached for their goblets full of pumpkin juice. They were having the time of their lives, on the other hand Ginny didn't seem to happy either, she as well as Hermione had the feeling that something bad was about to happen. HAVEN'T I TAUGHT YOU PRINCIPLES?:) YOU'RE A PURE-BLOOD. HOW DARE YOU KISS THAT MUD-BLOOD GRANGER!:D. The moment that phrase was pronounced, a stunned silence hit the Great Hall, everyone stopped in the act of taking food into their mouths to turn and see both Hermione and Draco who were sitting on opposite sides of the Great Hall. Harry who had been drinking pumpkin juice almost choked, as well as Crabbe and Goyle who were eating bacon and eggs. Hermione could even feel the penetrating look of Snape, the bewildered look on McGonagall's face and the always calmed look of Dumbledore.

Hermione, who had wished not even her Gryffindor fellows would know about her kissing Draco, now had the whole school was staring at her and whispering all kind of things. Apparently Draco's mother had been so angry when she sent the howler that she forgot that it would arrive during lunch-time, forcing Draco to open it in that very instant, and therefore making what she considered a shameful incident, to the knowledge of the entire school.

Hermione didn't stay to hear the rest of it, she ran out of the Great Hall, and of course Ginny, Harry and Ron followed her. She ran so fast that soon Ginny, Harry and Ron lost her track although they knew where she was going, Gryffindor Common Room.

"Dragon's blood" Hermione said hurriedly to the Fat Lady, she knew she was being followed. The Fat Lady opened and let her in, she ran directly to the Girls Dorms. A couple of minutes later Harry, Ron and Ginny also arrived to the Common Room. Harry approached the stairs that led to the Girls Dorms, but he couldn't go up, boys weren't allowed to go into the Girls Dormitories, he had never hated that rule as much as he did in that moment. He turned to face Ron and Ginny.

"You knew about this?!" Harry asked Ron with an enraged expression on his face.

"No, mate, I swear." said Ron still in shock. He had never seen Harry so angry.

"And you?!" Harry turned to Ginny.

"Well..." started Ginny, Harry's face went from enraged to furious in just a second.

"How come you didn't tell me?:)" yelled Harry.

"Because it was not for me to tell!!" Ginny yelled back.

"Go get her!!" snapped Harry.

"No" said Ginny sharply.

"Why not?" barked Harry.

"Because she'll come when she's ready" snapped Ginny.

"Okay you two stop it" said Ron firmly while he put himself between them; he actually feared they might jinx each other in any moment. "Harry, calm down... I think Ginny is right" Harry was about to yell him back when he saw Hermione coming down the stairs.


The story is coming to an end !!! one more post and it will be done.

In the meantime I'm saying goodbye to this wonderful year 2004!:D

My best for 2005!!!

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From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.

"After all this time?"

"Always" said Snape

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