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Yes. You. Spidey Buddie!

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Well, here is My First Fanfiction back after so long. I just thought I would share as I've been away a very long time. Hope you enjoy it; just a little something for you all. Hoping you are all well. Have missed you all! =/



GENRE: Drama/Suspense
SHIPS INCLUDED: Martha, Emmanuelle and Samantha – The Girl Trio.
SUMMARY: This is Harry in a Dream.

**This is an original story by me, but references to characters, places, events, and etc...are borrowed from JK Rowling who owns the copyright. **

By Arlene A. Doquiatan

My bed is right next to the window in my ever red bedroom. Though, I sleep with my head to the far wall and not by the window. Tonight, the moon is a half-moon as I lazily look through my window over The Royal Oak Store. Tonight, I sleep against all laws of my bed; enjoying the dark, black, starred sky and the brightly shining half-moon. Summer is almost here and I cannot wait to venture out into all of Vancouver to gallivant in places I still yet need to explore and find secret hideouts. It will be one of the best Summers of My Teen Years as I finally get my hands on a Canon Camera, I have wanted since I was twelve years old. Mom and Dad have finally given me My Graduation Gift.

Martha, Emmanuelle and I were standing full stop in front of my window in my bungalow bedroom over The Royal Oak Store. Our eyes completely focused on the bright, beautiful, sunny day and blue skies. We are stiff with anticipation; there is something out there that we cannot grasp. Suddenly, the sky goes black with dark grey clouds. We know the inevitable is coming, yet we cannot move. We stand before my window of my ever red bedroom, stuck in a trance of expectation.


A huge ice ball comes crashing through the small of my window, smashing it to bits, along with taking half of my wall with it. There is a howling and cold breeze blowing in from the damage that the ice ball created in my window and wall. We are still standing in the same position and still in the zombified state we began in. Dumbfounded, soaked through with wetness and shocked. We turn to look at one another without noise, voice or emotion. We just stare at each other with silence. Tom Felton is standing at the door to my bedroom, staring at us with an expressional ‘Oh.’, though silent. His eyes are laughing, he has a smirk on his face and he is simply curious as to why we won’t leave the room.

“Girls. Move. You all look a little petrified. It doesn’t look healthy,” as he retorts with laughter.

Tom walks away to never be seen again. We blink once and finally move; making our way out of my bedroom and strangling down the long, wide, huge and expansive corridor of Hogwarts, that leads to our living room and kitchen. We are silent as we walk towards the wall to wall windows, but, speak to one another with eye contact and body language. We are puzzled about what just happened. We finally reach the common room and Mom is moving around like a tick on fire. She is getting her coat on and rummaging through her bag, when she finally sees us.

“Girls. I am on my way to a PAC Meeting. You, Samantha have been a very naughty Girl, from what I have heard and understand. Your Chemistry Professor wants a word with me. I am on my way to find out what mischief you have gotten into,” Mom angrily singles me out.

“Sure,” I say with a gloat. She sure is in for a surprise. I had failed My Chemistry Exam with a huge disappointment to My Professor’s Ego. My Mom is going to have hysterics, when she finds out; it was a waste of time to travel so far to speak about My Failed Exam. Mom knows I hate all forms of Science; especially, Chemistry and Physics. It would not be a surprise or a concern. Little did she know that I had a head for Biology/Life Studies. I scored a perfect 100% on My Biology/Life Studies Exam; I had every right to gloat about failing My Chemistry Exam. Chemistry just wasn’t my thing.

“Don’t you gloat, Samantha Dear! I have the perfect punishment for you,” Mom retorted with that evil shine in her eyes. Mom always felt one step ahead of both Martha and I, when she got wind of any mistake we made at school. I shrugged it off. Mom was out the door and gone.

Martha, Emmanuelle and I stood before the wall to wall windows of our living room. It was such a gorgeous day out; all I wanted was to head outdoors and cause a bit of raucous and havoc. It wasn’t going to happen as I had to watch over My Sister for the day. And, Emmanuelle was visiting with us.

“Right. Have you heard The News? Lord Voldemort is now raising an up rise against The Prime Minister of London. Girls. We need to get on, before The Muggle World learns who Lord Voldermort is. Our Wizarding World is at peril of being exposed to The World,” Harry anxiously shares with us.

We all turn around and stare at him; amazed. There he is; tall, black haired and The Lightning Bolt Scar shining out from his cropped hair on his forehead; a smirk gracing his face in a rebellious, but serious manner and his eyes glowing with the need to destroy the menace of The Wizarding World. Ron is standing behind him by a foot away; ready to support and back up Harry’s claims of Lord Voldermort. Hermione is nowhere to be found.

I walk into The Kitchen, shaking my head in delirium. What is going on? Suddenly, I’m aware that I am standing in Mrs Weasley’s Kitchen. There are Potatoes peeling themselves, dishes washing themselves, an Orange Juicer, squeezing Orange and Lemon Juice into a pitcher all on its own, clothing being washed in a corner in a huge silver basin; while, Mrs Weasley’s Wand floats mid-air in the middle of her Kitchen orchestrating the work being done. I’m all alone in The Kitchen. I need to wash my hands as I realize it is covered in lard, wherever it came from.

“Your face resembles crushed paper,” Emmanuelle squeals.

I look into the mirror over the kitchen sink and there is my face scrunched up, just like paper. I suddenly realize the lard smells. I don’t even want to know what as or why. I wash my hands and the lard is finally free from my hands.

I walk into the living room. The TV on the wall is on. There before me is another man with a face resembling crushed paper. Emmanuelle is arguing with a Girl on the telephone, while another Girl reaches out and tries to grab hold of Emmanuelle’s long, brown, cascading hair. Martha is trying to yank this Girl from reaching Emmanuelle’s hair.

“What is going on,” I ask.

Everyone turns to me, stares at me and Emmanuelle opens her mouth and shrieks, “Your face resembles crushed paper!”

Martha covers her ears, as my face crumbles in yet, another crumpled paper expression.

“Zombie,” Martha mouths with her lips.

I turn, look and Emmanuelle is in fact an Imperi.

I awake in my ever red bungalow bedroom over The Royal Oak Store. Red carpets, red curtains and red beddings and fleece blanket. It is another day. I slowly crawl out of bed to make certain, it is indeed just another day. It is. I look before me, through my window. Royal Oak is busy and teeming with life. It is another beautiful, sunny, bright blue day. It is very warm out. The First Day of Summer Break has begun. Another day of Exam to get through and I will be on my way to University.

I smile and realize that Harry is still with me. It might have ended eons ago; but, he is still with me. In my heart always; I think of all the great things that I hope will come my way. The Day is going to be good.


YES. YOU. SPIDEY BUDDIE! © Arlene A. Doquiatan
February 12, 2013 13:45hrs.


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