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Why do you like Harry Potter?: Assistance Needed

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I am currently undertaking a research project for my Media: Analysing Audiences module. I am looking into the popularity of fantasy stories and as a fan of Harry Potter, have decided to choose this as one of my main focuses. I want to find out what fans enjoy about the stories in general, why you believe they have become so popular and which do you prefer out of the films and the books.
If you have a spare 5 minutes I would really appreciate you taking the time to answer the following questions, and please answer as thoroughly as you can.
Thank you very much for you time and participation.
Colleen; 2nd year Media and Drama student.

Are you Male or Female? (For statistical purposes)

Are you Under 18 or 18+? (For statistical purposes)

Why do you believe fantasy stories, in particular Harry Potter, are so popular?

What do you enjoy most about the story? (Please be as thorough as possible)

Do you prefer the books or the films, and why?



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HP is so popular because it can allow your imagination to run as wild as possible, without being scoffed at. Before HP came into being, who knew words like Hogwarts, Quidditch, Muggle, etc. actually existed? But now, it's common knowledge. But despite all the fantasy, it is still grounded in reality, and teaches us life lessons too. Kids these days really need lessons in that area.

What I enjoy the most about the stories are the plot themes - love, dangers of dwelling on dreams, not to judge people or objects by their appearance (things are not always what they seem), loyalty, dangers of stereotyping a particular group, etc. JKR is a terrific storyteller.

The books over the films any day. The plot in the books is much more deeper and thorough, which the films obviously cannot cover, due to various restraints.

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