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Harry Potter RP -- Restricted Section. With website too!

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Restricted Section - Harry Potter Roleplay

We do roleplay but we also have plenty of out of character chatter for those who don't like to roleplay.

RS has a fully functioning website with activities. Website.

Forum link.

Roleplay Plot

After an eventful fifth year, the trio are heading back to Hogwarts for their sixth year. The students and Hogwarts are more vulnerable than ever now that Dumbledore is dead. Voldemort is rising to power once more, stronger than ever. The death eaters are ready to fight and die for their master and Voldemort’s plan is finally close to being put into action.

Neville Longbottom is back at Hogwarts for his sixth year and he is determined to make his family proud but Neville’s life is in danger. The Death Eaters have informed Voldemort that Neville was part of Trelawney’s prophecy and that he could have possibly become the boy who lived. Now that Voldemort knows Neville could have been his enemy and that he is close friends with Harry, he decides to use Neville in his plan to destroy the boy who lived once and for all.

The Forbidden Forest is in uproar and the centaurs are trying to keep the peace without becoming involved in matters that don’t concern them. Firenze has knowledge of what is yet to come that could help the students if they asked.

Dolores Umbridge, after months being kept in a dark and dingy forest, has finally escaped that horrible place and now she wants revenge on the students who put her there.

The Order of the Phoenix members have been called into action once more. With Voldemort on the rise again they are called to duty to help patrol Hogwarts and help keep the students and Hogwarts Castle safe from harm.

With danger lurking behind every shadow and corner, what does this year have in store for the students of Hogwarts? Will Voldemort‘s plan of using Neville to get close to Harry work? Will Dolores Umbridge succeed in her quest for revenge and will the Order of the Phoenix be able to keep the students of Hogwarts and the Castle safe from the dark forces determined to destroy them?

If you would like more information before joining or have any questions, please DON'T PM me here. Email us from Restricted Section at: restrictedsection@live.co.uk

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